Morning Kindergarten Bell Time Variations
Afternoon Kindergarten Bell Time Variations
  • Eligibility

    Walk Zone: Students within the school walk zone are not eligible for transportation services. Our district policy is that transportation is not provided for students who live within the walk zones for their nearest appropriate school. We determine the walk zones for each and every school and neighborhood following the same guidelines. Walk zones are based on a 1.5 mile safe walking distance utilizing neighborhood streets, major streets with sidewalks, and crosswalks. The walk zones are implemented after much consideration and board approval. The 1.5 mile buffer is based on Idaho state statute.

    AM/PM Sessions

    AM and PM eligibility is determined by the pickup/drop off location.

    AM session students are not eligible for PM transportation, and PM session student are not eligible for AM transportation.

    AM/PM designations posted at orientation are preliminary. The AM/PM designations are subject to change based on enrollment.

    Drop Off Procedure

    AM Session: Kindergarten students will not be dropped off mid-day without a parent/guardian present at the stop. If a parent/guardian is not present the student will be returned to the school unless parent/guardian has signed and returned a waiver to the driver.  

    PM Session: Kindergarten students will be dropped off PM without a parent/guardian present at the stop if other students are present. If the student is alone a parent/guardian must be present unless parent/guardian has signed and returned a waiver to the driver.

    Day Care: Students can only be dropped off at the home address or a licensed day care facility.

    Walk-to-Stop Distance

    AM/PM Stops: Cul-de-sacs, private roadways, dead-end streets, and other similar obstacles often necessitate locating a stop at a point other than the home address. Eligible students will be assigned a stop within 0.4 safe walking miles of their house about 2 weeks before school begins.  

    Midday Stops: When possible mid-day stops may be closer than 0.4 miles.

    Kinder Passes and Thrones

    Kinder Bus Passes: We encourage parents to fill out a kinder bus pass with your student. Let them color those in and show them where it is stored it in their back packs. If a kindergartener is unsure of their stop or gets nervous, they can just show their pass to the driver for help. (Other age students are welcome to use these as well.)

    Kinder Thrones: The first few rows on the school bus will be the Kinder Thrones. Kindergarteners will be seated up front, so the drivers can easily determine who our newest riders are. This will help sub drivers as well.