• Vibrato


    Vibrato takes time and patience to learn, but it is worth it because we can add new colors to our sound.

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  • Scales!

    Scales are important for musicians to learn and memorize because they teach us the most common finger patterns and positions we will use when playing music. A difficult key (B major, 5 sharps) is only really difficult because we don't play it as often as an easier one (D major, 2 sharps), and therefore we don't have as much experience with hand positions and fingerings that are most effective for the necessary notes. 


    Scales are also useful for practicing unusual rhythms and bowings, because we know what note is coming next and can focus on our right hand instead of the left.


    Each orchestra class begins with scales and arpeggios to help us learn these patterns and to focus our minds on the musical task at hand, and we hope our orchestra students will find the following documents useful as they practice at home.