Math in Modern Society

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  • The Game of Life

    Students will embark on a journey of "real life" - they will receive an income based on education, pay raises based on performance, and must establish a budget.

    Step 1 - Get a job!

    Students will receive a starting salary based on their first test performance.

    Step 2 - Establish a budget!

    1. Download a template Excel budget (Monthly Cashflow Plan).
    2. Research and plan out your monthly income and expenses.
    3. Life rarely goes as planned! Update your budget as necessary.


    Step 3 - Improve your life!

    Work hard and educate yourself. You can earn pay raises based on future test scores (or pay cuts if things don't go well...). Budget your money to increase your wealth and improve your lifestyle.

    Step 4 - Pay Taxes!

    During tax time, students will work through their own tax situation.