This course is designed for the student who is interested in public speaking and argumentation. The course will stress the following types of debate: Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, Policy, Worlds School Debate, and Congressional Debate.  Debate studies will include analysis of current controversial issues, methods and materials of research, evidence, applied logic and reasoning, construction of debate cases, audience analysis, and the use of strategy.

    Public Speaking instruction will encompass Platform Speeches (Informative, Oratory, Oratorical Analysis, Sales Speaking, After Dinner), Limited Preparation events (Impromptu, Extemporaneous, Radio/Broadcast, Retold Story), and Interpretation (Humorous, Dramatic, Duo, POI).

    Students are encouraged to compete in at least one interscholastic tournament per semester In order to compete at tournaments students must maintain GPA eligibility (as determined by the school's student handbook) and have their speech/debate cases reviewed by the instructor no later than two weeks before the tournament, at designated lab times (Wednesdays from 3-5:30).  Entry fees are based on the number of events a student enters, and typically cost $15-$20 each, depending on the tournament.

    **Advanced Competitive Speech and Debate is a more complex course, focusing on higher level debate and public speaking skills. Advanced Competitive Speech and Debate is offered for concurrent college credit (COMMUNICATION ACTIVITIES through NNU) to juniors and seniors.  Taking this course for concurrent credit does obligate the student to participate in 2 tournaments per semester.

    Class Expectations

    Students will participate in every assigned speech and debate.
    Students will display respect for themselves, others, and the learning environment.
    Students will be responsible for assignments and due dates; late assignments will suffer points’ deductions.
    Students are expected to follow all school rules and instructor directions.

    Varsity Letter

    250 Points =     Letter

    For every 250 points thereafter = Bar

    State debate qualifier: debate Pin

    State speech qualifier: speech Pin

    National qualifier: Nats Pin