College Campus Visits & Questions to Ask

  • One of the best things you can do for yourelf and your student when researching colleges, is to plan a campus visit. You will be spending four or more years at an insitution so it is important you are happy with your choice! Below is a list of upcoming campus visit events you might be intered in!

Questions to ask a College Admission Representative

  • The following is a list of questions and visit options that you may find helpful when making a college visit!  These are all good questions to think about as you decide where you would like to attend college.


    Will I Be Eligible For Admission?

    What are your admission requirements for freshmen?

     What is your average GPA, SAT or ACT scores of your entering freshmen?

     How heavily does GPA and test scores affect if I am admitted or not?

     Do you have Early Action or Early Decision? What are the benefits? How can I qualify?

     Do you have a special admission program for students from certain ethnic minority and other underrepresented group? How can I qualify? What kind of special help will be available to me after I enroll?

     Can I re-take the SAT’s or ACT’s? Will you take the highest scores?

     Can I take summer courses after I graduate from high school to qualify?

     What is the admission priority of transfer students from community colleges, from four year colleges?

     If I go to a community college first, will my credits transfer?

    How Do I Apply For Admission?

     Where, when and how can I get an application?

     When can I first apply? When is your application deadline?

     Can I apply to more than one campus in your system?

     When do I have to submit transcripts, test scores, and other admission materials?

     When will I be notified if I have been admitted?

    What Is Your Campus And Community Like?

     Is your college located in an urban, suburban, or rural setting?

     What kinds of social, cultural, and recreational activities are available on the campus and in the community?

     Does public transportation provide easy access to the campus and community?

     How many students are enrolled? In my major?

     Are you on the semester, quarter or other system? When do classes begin and end?

    Tell Me About Your Programs?

     Do you offer my academic interests as a major or minor?

     Are advanced degrees (master’s, doctorate) offered?

     Is my degree program accredited-by whom and at what level (undergraduate/graduate)?

     Can I enroll part-time, take courses in the late afternoons, evenings, weekends or during the summer?

     Are there internship and research opportunities available on campus, in the community?

     Do you have an honors program for students who enter with high grades?

    How Much Does Your College Cost?

     What are the costs of tuition or registration fees, books and supplies, housing, parking, etc?

     When do I play those fees?

    Is Financial Aid Available?

     What is the average financial aid package?

     Do you offer athletic scholarships?

     How many students receive financial aid on your campus?

     What kids of financial assistance are available?

     When and how do I apply for financial aid? Do I apply for campus scholarships separately?

     How do you determine if I qualify for assistance?

     When will I be notified if I will or will not receive assistance?

     Will financial aid cover my entire need?

     Are there special kinds of assistance for students from certain ethnic minorities and other underrepresented groups?

     Is it easy to get a part-time job on campus or in the community?

    What about Housing?

     Do you have on-campus residence halls?

     How many students live on campus?

     Am I required to live on campus?

     How big are your rooms?

     What kind of internet, television, phone access is available?

     Am I guaranteed housing? If so, for how long?

     How and when do I apply for housing?

     When will I know if you have a room for me?

     Can I choose my roommate?

     When do I have to sign a contract, submit a deposit to confirm my room?

     Are there honor dorms?

    What Else Do I Need to Know?

     How do I make arrangements to talk with an admission representative at your college to discuss enrollment opportunities?

     How do I make arrangement to visit your campus? Do you have an open house program for prospective students? When and who do I  contact for more information?


    What Does a Successful College Visit Include?

     Visit the Student Center. What sorts of activity postings do

    you see? Do they sound like fun? Are your interests represented?

     Tour the Athletic Facilities. How modern is the equipment? Can you use the ice rink when the hockey team isn’t practicing? What about the tennis courts? Does the college have intramural sports in which you are interested?

     Tour the Computer Center. How crowded is it? How many PCs do you see? How up-to-date are they? Or, do most students bring their own computer? What kind of Internet connections does the school have? T-1 lines? ISDN? Or Pre-historic modems?

     Visit the Library. Are there quiet, comfortable areas in which to study? Open stacks? Closed stacks? A snack bar? Newspapers from your hometown (for when you start to feel homesick)?

     Visit facilities of special interest. For example, the art museum, dance studio, campus theater, or music hall. Are there exhibits or performances of interest? Is there a well-equipped science lab? Do undergrads get to use it?

     Attend at least one class in an academic area of interest. Was it interesting? Challenging? Do the students look interested? Can you picture yourself in this class? Studying with these students?

     Speak with a professor in that area. Is he or she friendly? Encouraging? Intimidating? 

     Eat at least one meal in the campus-dining hall. How was the food? Are there many choices? Is there a snack bar or coffee house you can frequent instead?

     Spend the night in a dormitory. Are they single sex or coed? How many students per room? How large are the rooms? How convenient (and clean) are the bathrooms?

     Visit the Student Health Center. Is it open 24-hours a day? If not, what happens to students who get sick "after hours"? Is the staff knowledgeable?

     Visit the Career and Placement Center. Is it professionally staffed? How extensive are the job postings? What companies recruit on campus?

     Visit the College Bookstore. Does it sell used textbooks? What kinds of books would you be required to read for your possible major?

     Read a recent copy of the student paper. Are the issues it tackles of interest? What can you gather about student/faculty/administration relationships?

     Listen to the college radio station. Do the programs reflect your tastes?

     Walk the Campus. Observe all ongoing activities. Do the students seem friendly? Can you picture yourself making friends with them? On this campus? In this community?

     Schedule a personal interview. Try to have a campus tour first and ask your tour guide some preliminary questions.