P.E. Shoes
  • Question: What type of shoes are good for PE?
    Answer: Shoes that have full foot coverage and traction works great! It is best to have shoes that either tie or strap so they stay on well. Many popular shoes today look to have laces, but they are not really used and the shoes often fall off.

    Q: What are some examples of shoes that would not work well for PE?
    A: Shoes with open toes like flip flops or sandals. Any shoe that has a high heel is not very safe or practical either.

    Q: What if I love my new sandals and want to wear at school though?
    A: You can still wear them to school, but simply bring more appropriate shoes to change into for PE.

    Q: In the wintertime, I like to wear Snowboots, do they work?
    A: Good question! Many boots tend to leave a lot of marks all over the gym floor. As a result, you should bring a change of shoes for PE.