Bogus Basin

    Date- Thursday, March 5th, 2020-Schedule below. 


    Permission slips/forms


    No permission slip forms will be accepted without payment included in form of check made out to Chaparral Elementary. Please include your child's name in check memo. 




    No difference in pricing if a student has a season pass.

    If a student does have a season pass a parent may drive them up so they can join our group.  However if they woud like to ride the bus, the is cost $12.00

    Bus Room

    This is based on first come basis, once the one bus fills up students will have to get a ride from family member to and from mountain.


    Helment Rentals

    Paid for separte at the lodge, students will need to bring money to pay for the $8.00 helmet rental. 



    Students are welcome to pack snacks and dinner that we will keep in a group area at the lodge. The lodge also sells food. 



    2:30 pm-Change clothes, load onto bus 

    3-3:30- Bus departs

    5:15-Arrival Bogus Basin-Students who need equipment go directly to Black Diamond Rental.

    6:00-Lessons in Groups

    7:30-Return Equipment and head back to the bus

    8:00-Bus departs

    9:15-9:30 pm-Parents pick up students at school.