Fun Run
  • Before school, at recess, or during P.E. any laps students complete may be counted on their lap log. Students may walk, run, or jog laps around our track. 

    Six laps equal one mile. Students will keep track of their laps on their lap calendar and turn the calendar into Mr. Black at the end of the month.  The calendar must have the laps total, students name, their signature, and their teacher's name. 

    Students will be of course working to be healthier, developing a habit that can last a lifetime but also to earn recognition through certificates from me each month, and at the end of the year from the Mayor of Meridian.


    Every 5 miles I will recognize students through a toe token, certificate, and placing their name under the mileage shoe in the gym. Students will also be recognized at school assemblies. 

    I am relying on their honor system and that students will be ROAR students and using Responsibility and Ownership. 



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Run Wall