Mrs. Brewer’s Health Occupations

    Expectations and Syllabus

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    Course Objectives


    1. Introduction to the health care industry
      1. Career choices that would be compatible with self inventory
    2. Medical Terminology
      1. Medical terms, abbreviations, symbols
    3. Career awareness and exploration
    4. Anatomy and Physiology
      1. Functions of the body systems
      2. Structures of the body systems
      3. Disorders of the body systems
    1. Universal precautions
      1. Blood borne pathogens
    2. Growth and Development
    3. Wellness: Healthy Life Practices
    4. Communication in Health Care
    5. Legal and Ethical Responsibilities
    6. Safety
      1. Emergency procedures, CPR/First-Aid
    7. Leadership
    8. Job Seeking/Keeping Skills

    Classroom Policy

    • NO Food! NO Beverages! ONLY WATER is allowed.
    • NO Hats, backpacks, or purses. If these items are present in the classroom they will be confiscated according to school policy.
    • Inappropriate language and behavior is unacceptable and will result in a referral and loss of points.
    • Turn in work to the appropriate inbox for your class.
    • Be in your seat when the bell rings and stay seated until the bell releases you. Don’t line up at the door.
    • Students should treat each other with respect, maturity, and with positive affirmation.

    Discipline Policy

    Students are required to follow all classroom and school policies. Students who do not comply, or act in a disruptive or inappropriate manner, will be dealt with immediately in the following manner:

    • First Offense: Verbal Warning: asking student to stop behavior.
    • Second Offense: Private conference between the student and the teacher immediately after class to discuss a solution. A call to your parents will also take place.
    • Third Offense: Discipline referral: student will be sent to administration.

    *Severe misbehavior = immediate referral

    Examples of behaviors resulting in discipline – bringing unwanted items to class, disrespect to teacher and/or students, profanity, off-task, sleeping in class, talking while others are talking, and breaking dress code.


    • Bring all materials to class every day. Going back to get it will result in a tardy.
    • Participate in classroom discussions and activities.
    • Late work: Late work will be accepted at any time throughout the unit. It may NOT be turned in after test day (Unit packets ONLY will be accepted up to 1 day post test). A maximum of 70% can be earned for late work.
    • Test Retakes: You may only retake a test if you scored less than 70%. You will not receive higher than a 70% on the retake score. Retake process:

    1) Fill out retake application and bring back signed and complete.

    2) Study for Exam

    3) Test Retake - All retakes must be completed before the end of the following unit and on Intervention Day only (see calendar on class website for these dates).

    • If you miss your test retake then you forfeit your retake for that unit test.
    • Make-Ups: If you are absent the day an assignment is given you have three (3) calendar days (not just A or B days) to make up the work. Work will be turned in with an excuse slip It’s your responsibility to find out what you missed on the days you were absent (Look on the website, ask a classmate, look at the WhatAreWeDoing board, email me). See me in advance when you know you will be gone. Assignments or tests that are given prior to the date of absence are due on or before the pre-determined due-date. If there is an unexpected absence work will be taken upon return (Refer to the student handbook).

    Course Grading

    Daily assignments, quizzes, test and projects will comprise your grade based on the following system.

    Quizzes: 20% of Grade

    Tests: 20% of Grade

    Projects: 40% of Grade

    Daily Work/Participation: 10% of Grade

    End Of Course Exam: 10% of Grade

    • Quizzes: Quizzes will be given mid-unit to check understanding of material covered up to that point.
    • Tests: Unit tests will be given at the end of each unit.
    • Projects: You will do two (2) main projects along with various smaller projects.
    • Class work, & participation:
      • Class work: We will have various assignments and projects that will need to be completed and turned in on time to receive full credit.
      • Participation: Students will be given a certain amount of participation points each semester. Points can be gained (being active participants, acts of kindness, no deduction days) or lost (leaving the room messy/dirty, class volume, tardies, cell phone abuse, disrespectfulness). Rewards may be earned for gaining/maintaining participation points throughout the semester.
    • Final: You are required to take a Health Occupations Final at the end of Semester 1 and again at the end of Semester 2. Additionally, you are required to take the End of Course exam provided by the Meridian School District at the end of the 2nd

    Student Materials:

    • 3-ring Binder w/ 10 dividers. Binder is to be used solely for this class, and brought to class daily.
    • Lined paper
    • Writing utensils
    • Coloring pens/pencils (optional)
    • Books will be an in-class set.

    Course Outline

    Semester 1:

    • History of Medicine
    • Body Organization
    • Circulatory System
    • Cardiovascular system
    • Safety/Emergency Care
    • Respiratory
    • Digestive System
    • Urinary System

    Semester 2:

    • Skeletal System
    • Careers/Legalities
    • Muscular System
    • Nervous System
    • Nutrition & Fitness
    • Integumentary System
    • Reproductive System
    • Health EOC Review


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