6th Grade Reading

  • Supplies

    We will create Interactive Notebooks that will be kept in class.  These will consist of notes, graphic organizers, and handouts.  Students will use scissors/glue/colored pencils to create these.

    To be successful in class, students will need:

    -1 college-ruled spiral notebook (70 pages is fine).  (This will stay in our classroom.  If your student is super-responsible, it may be taken each day and brought back for class.)

    -Scissors and colored pencils. (kept in a pencil pouch in binder is fine - as long as it is accessible when needed)

    -Glue stick or bottle. (They can keep in pencil pouch, or may donate to the class supply in the room)

    -Section in a binder or a folder to keep handouts that are NOT placed into notebook.


    It is the start of a new semester - so remember that grades will initially be "skewed"!  When students only have a few grades in a class, the average will not be as accurate as when more grades are added.  If your student did not do SSR time in class (absent) then they may show a D or an F, since that is 1 of 2 grades entered so far.  As soon as more grades go into the system, averages will balance out...