English 9 Syllabus

  • English 9

    Mrs. Mann

    Room 305 B Days/ MAV Time Before School/Lunch/ After School

    Rooms Travel on A Days

    Email: mann.elisabeth@westada.org

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    Course Overview

          During this course students will be exposed to a variety of literary texts that share the theme of beliefs and values. Students will read, write, and participate in activities to examine where beliefs and values originate, as well as the multitude of factors that influence and shape those beliefs and values over time.


    Required Supplies


    • Composition Notebook
    • Binder (can be used for other classes)
    • Loose leaf, college rule paper
    • Blue and black pens

     (please see me if your family cannot provide some essential items at this time and we will get you what you need :)

            Classroom Procedures & Important Information


    1. Beginning of Class:
    • Come prepared. 
    • You will be assigned a number to place your electronic devices in Phone Home at the beginning of class.
    • No backpacks or large purses allowed in class
    • Be in class and in your assigned seat working on any “Bell Ringers” or tasks assigned when the bell rings. Also, make sure to enter the room respectfully.
    1. End of Class:
    • “Spot Check”. A Spot Check means you and your classmates need to:
      1. pick up garbage and recyclables
      2. return classroom items and supplies to their designated locations
      3. make sure your desk is where it should be in your row
    • Electronic devices will be returned one-student- at-a time and only during the final minutes of class
    1. Restroom Pass: use it, don’t abuse it
    2. Participation & Discussion: listen respectfully, consider thoughtfully, respond considerately
    3. Sharpening Pencils/Throwing Away Garbage – beginning of class, during transitions, at the end of class
    4. Hand in Baskets; Late Work Basket; No Name Basket; Absent Folders
    5. Gum and Water = OKAY. Keep water in a completely sealable container and we’re good!

     Please familiarize yourself with the MVHS Student Policies

    Tentative Course Content




    Semester 1

    Semester 2

     Unit 1: Freshman Foundations

    Unit 2: Narrative

    Unit 3: Literature, Historical Context, and Research


    Unit 4: Literature as Argument

    Unit 5: Drama and Poetry


    * These Units are tentative and therefore subject to revision depending on where we take ourselves as a class. 

     Journal Writing

    As part of the English curriculum students will be participating in various journal writing activities on a regular basis.  The purpose of this journal will be to explore ideas that are related to the curriculum, make connections with modern society, and for students to dialogue with each other.  Journaling will prepare the students for the day’s concepts, provide practice for writing skills, and prepare students for discussion.  Student journals may not always be graded for content but instead graded for completion and participation.  As is common practice I will not be reading each journal for content.  Parents and guardians may request their student bring their journal home if they wish to read the contents of their student’s journals.




    Standards-Referenced Grading:

    Proficiency Scale

    Gradebook Score





    In addition to exhibiting Level 3 performance, in-depth inferences and application that go BEYOND what was taught in class.







    All requirements met. No errors or omissions regarding any of the skills identified by the standards.






    Able to perform basic processes; however, some errors or omissions required for proficiency.






    With HELP, a partial knowledge of some of the simpler details and processes.



    Valid attempt made but even with help no understanding or skill demonstrated.


    0 + Missing


    Students will be assessed on their mastery of prioritized state standards.  These standards will appear in the gradebook rather than specific assignments.  Each time a student is assessed on any given standard, their score may fluctuate to demonstrate progress toward mastery.  Previous scores will be replaced with the most current score.  Due to the nature of Standards Referenced Grading, grades may not appear until several weeks into the semester as students are practicing their skills. Assessments may vary from formal assessments such as written papers, projects, presentations to informal assessments such as classroom discussions, quick checks for understanding, exit tickets, and teacher observations.

    I will only be entering true zeros for missing assignments.


    For each standard/skill, students will be given numerous opportunities to demonstrate mastery of that standard/skill.  Students will also have the opportunity to revise and show growth on major assessments by utilizing the reassessment request form. This form will be found on the teacher’s website. Revisions apply to scores of 2 or lower only.


    Student scores will remain a 0 MISSING for that standard until student has completed the missing work OR until the standard is assessed again. Late work will be accepted up until the end of the unit as determined by the teacher. If late work becomes an issue, it may result in a disciplinary action with administration.

    **You have access to PowerSchool to keep track of your grades and missing work; please do not ask me about it during class. I’m happy to talk during Mav Time or before/after school.


    Please refer to my District Teacher Web Page



    Maverick Time

     "MAV TIME" is every morning- except Wednesdays- from 7:15-7:35

    **If you need to make-up work, or would like to have additional help with classwork, I am available in Room 305 to help you during this time.