• Salesmanship

    Time: 3-7 minutes + 2 min. questioning by judge only

    Time signals: not provided

    The purpose of this event is to sell a singular, legitimate product and may include variations of that product. Contestant must identify brand.

    “Services” are not considered legitimate products.

    The actual product (not a model) must be displayed and/or demonstrated.

    Presentation may be memorized. Notes on one side of a 4 x 6 card may be used, but texts are not permitted. Video /audio aids are optional. In order to demonstrate the function of a product, that product may be put on as the demonstration begins and then removed following the demonstration.

    The contestant may not wear the product into the room, nor leave it on once the demonstration of that product is concluded. Additional items of clothing that might serve to enhance the visual effect of the product are considered costuming and are prohibited.

    Sales guidelines and outline