• Course Description: This course integrates the skills and concepts identified for 9th grade based on the Idaho Core Standards. Students will focus on college and career readiness by integrating reading, writing, speaking and listening skills based around narrative, informational, argumentative, and research-based texts. This course is an approved NCAA course.

     English 9 curriculum



    Late Work


    ·         Homework/classwork will count as 10% of the overall weighted grade.

    ·         The original due date of classwork and homework assignments will be posted in PowerSchool and on the class website, for reference.

    ·         Any classwork/homework that will count towards the student’s grade will be communicated with the student, collected, graded/given feedback, and returned to the student.

    ·         Students are eligible to resubmit homework/classwork assignments up to two (2) times after the original submission (see “Reassessments”).

    ·         Missing and late assignments in English, including essays, must be submitted within 2 weeks of the due date in order to be eligible for credit.

    ·         All late work will be accepted, without grade reduction, within two weeks of the original due date.



    ·         Two (2) reassessments will be allowed for tests, quizzes and projects. These reassessments must be completed by the student within two (2) weeks of the teacher posting grades/passing back the original assessment.

    ·         Students are eligible to revise each original final essay (based on teacher feedback) 1 time. 

    ·         Parents will be notified via email when original essays are returned and when the final revised paper is due.

    ·         Revised essays will be accepted for 2 weeks after original essays being graded and returned by the teacher. 


    **Cheating in any form or manner is unacceptable. Every incident of cheating will be investigated by the teacher/designee and an administrator. The offending student will redo an assignment or assessment similar to the one on which they cheated. This assignment or assessment must be completed outside of instructional time. If the student is unwilling or unable to complete theassignment or assessment outside of instructional time, the student will receive a zero on the assignment or assessment. The offending student will also be assigned disciplinary consequences deemed appropriate by the administrator.


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