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    Zoology is the scientific study of the animal kingdom.  

    Zoology explores how animals are similar and different, what adaptations help them survive, anatomy and physiology, classification, and the relationships between animals and people.

    Students with college degrees in zoology can go into jobs that include health care workers, doctors, pharmacist, veterinarians, wildlife managment, research, animal care and more.  

    Students complete multiple lab dissections including clams, squid, dogfish sharks, frogs and rats.  

    NOTE*** Next year 2020-2021 school year I will be splitting the curriculum, invertebrates in zoology the first semester and vertebrates in the second semester as part of Wildlife.  If you are looking for 2 credits, please sign up for BOTH classes.  Thanks!




  • Unlike previous years, the teacher website feature will only be used as a general information page for parents and teachers.  All assignments, calendars and content will be moved to Teams. 

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