• Unit 4

    Journal 1 – Do you feel programs that require training and provide jobs are effective in reducing poverty in the United States? Why or why not? What is Welfare? Does it work? Do you think the government should aid poor families or should the government eliminate all aid programs?

    Journal 2 – Do you recognize different social classes around you? Do you have friends in different social classes? Have you ever been treated different or unfairly based on your social class? If so, how did you feel? Is discrimination about social class more than race?

    Journal 3 – In the United States does everyone have equal opportunities? Why or why not? Is there a difference between discrimination, prejudice, and racism? If so, what are the differences?

    Journal 4 – What is the difference between minority, ethnic, and racial groups? Is it ingrained in our society to be prejudice?

    Journal 5 – Is racial profiling common? Is it necessary and/or acceptable? Can racism be eliminated?

    Journal 6 – What is the difference between sex and gender? What does it mean to be a man in our society? What does it mean to be a woman in our society? What type of occupation do you want after you graduate? Will you be entering a non-traditional occupation for your gender?

    Journal 7 – What is social stratification? Is it avoidable? Why or why not?

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  • Unit 3

    Journal 1– Are cliques present at Rocky Mountain High School? Do you think cliques have enhanced or detracted from your high school experience? Describe your personal experience with cliques.

    Journal 2 – What is your definition of deviance? Do you practice deviant behavior? What are a few examples of deviance? Can deviance be positive? Does Corporal Punishment Work? Why or Why Not?

    Journal 3: Do prisons rehabilitate criminals? What are alternatives to prison? Do prisons or alternatives work?

    Journal 4 – Why do we use capital punishment, also known as the death penalty? Does it work? Do you agree or disagree with capital punishment? Why or why not?

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  • Unit 2

    Journal 1 – What is your definition of culture? List various elements of what you envision American, global, or local culture to be.

    Journal 2 – How did you feel following our discussion last Friday? Are you aware of #enough? Are you going to participate?

    Journal 3 Does society prefer name brand foods and/or clothing over generic brands? Which do you prefer? Are our preferences a reflection of our culture? Why or why not? What is an example of a non-verbal gesture you use often? How about gestures teachers use? What are some additional examples from your own culture?

    Journal 4 – What do you think socialization means? What role should schools play in the socialization of children? Should schools be responsible for teaching values to children? Do you have examples from your own childhood?

    Journal 5 – What is social structure? Who influences you in your life the most? Why? What are the roles you play within the social structures that exist in your life?

    Journal 6 – Do you feel our society and culture works too much? Why or why not? What about your own family? Are they workaholics? How important is the concept of time and time management in our society?

    Do a time management review and breakdown of your own time for a given week. Do you have too much free time or not enough? Why or why not?

    Journal 7 – Can you recall a time when you were bullied? Is bullying a problem in this school? If so, can anything be done about it? Is bullying a part of our social structure?

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  • Unit 1

    Journal 1– In your own words, define sociology? Describe a human behavior or “social structure” you think is interesting, funny, or strange?

    Journal 2 – Are the following issues and questions concerns and complications for society or for an individual? (Explain your answers.) Is unemployment a personal or public issue? Explain your answer. How about obesity? Is it a personal or public issue? Explain your answer. Is healthcare a right or a privilege? Is it a personal or public issue? Explain your answer.

    Journal 3 – List of as many things as you can that describe you. Do you feel this is how others see you? Why or why not. Do you act different at school than you do at other places? Why or why not. How would you get to Boise State? Give me written driving directions or draw a map to Boise State.

    Journal 4 – What role do you currently play in society? Will your role change after you leave high school? Why are why not?

    Journal 5 – After reading the articles, Cheating in American Schools and I Cheated All Throughout High School, answer the following questions. What inferences can you make about the education system? Do you agree with the articles? Why or why not? Do you believe cheating is an issue at Rocky Mountain?

    Journal 6 – What is a hypothesis? What are different types of research you can consider for your project? What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative research? What options do you have to present your research to the class?

    Journal 7 – Is it acceptable for a man to hit a woman? Does wealth make people less ethical? Are brains more important than beauty for success in today’s society? Is Family Guy absurd humor or a reflection of the American culture?

    Journal 8 – What is your project hypothesis? What type of research are you doing for your project (interview, questionnaire, survey, observations, etc.)? Are your research questions quantitative or qualitative? Are you confident you have research based evidence? 

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