• Unit 6

    Journal 1 – How would you define social change? What social changes have you seen in your lifetime? What future social changes do you want to see, be a part of or witness?

    Journal 2 – What are some factors and causes of social change? Do people behave differently in crowds than they doindividually? What sociological factors explain crowd behavior?

    Journal 3 – Does social media contribute to activism – or does it function to distract and pacify people? Might it do both? If you could change one thing about the following three institutions – your school, your local community, and the federal government – what would it be and why?

    Journal 4 – How is the global expansion of social media likely to change how people pursue social change? Under what kind of conditions do movements for social change emerge?

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  • Unit 1

    Journal 1– In your own words, define sociology? Describe a human behavior or “social structure” you think is interesting, funny, or strange?

    Journal 2 – Are the following issues and questions concerns and complications for society or for an individual? (Explain your answers.) Is unemployment a personal or public issue? Explain your answer. How about obesity? Is it a personal or public issue? Explain your answer. Is healthcare a right or a privilege? Is it a personal or public issue? Explain your answer.

    Journal 3 – List of as many things as you can that describe you. Do you feel this is how others see you? Why or why not. Do you act different at school than you do at other places? Why or why not. How would you get to Boise State? Give me written driving directions or draw a map to Boise State.

    Journal 4 – What role do you currently play in society? Will your role change after you leave high school? Why are why not?

    Journal 5 – After reading the articles, Cheating in American Schools and I Cheated All Throughout High School, answer the following questions. What inferences can you make about the education system? Do you agree with the articles? Why or why not? Do you believe cheating is an issue at Rocky Mountain?

    Journal 6 – What is a hypothesis? What are different types of research you can consider for your project? What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative research? What options do you have to present your research to the class?

    Journal 7 – Is it acceptable for a man to hit a woman? Does wealth make people less ethical? Are brains more important than beauty for success in today’s society? Is Family Guy absurd humor or a reflection of the American culture?

    Journal 8 – What is your project hypothesis? What type of research are you doing for your project (interview, questionnaire, survey, observations, etc.)? Are your research questions quantitative or qualitative? Are you confident you have research based evidence? 

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