• Mr. Gross

    English 8


    Room 116



    Welcome to English 8! A major focus of this year will be how English literature and writing are able to help us become highly functioning and highly productive members of society. By reading numerous genres of English literature, we are able to learn from the experiences of others (even with fiction). By learning how to write in different genres, we learn how to respond to the world around us in order to get a desired response.


    Literature Genres

    • Nonfiction narrative and memoir
    • Mystery
    • Dystopia
    • Poetry
    • Fantasy/Science Fiction


    Writing Genres:

    • Personal narrative
    • Journal writing
    • Research paper
    • Response to literature
    • Poetry


    You are always expected to have a free-reading book with you. I do not consider it my responsibility to provide you time to find a free-reading book. You must make the time to find your own book and be responsible for turning the book in by its due date. You may not choose to read a book you have previously read.


    Phone Use

    For the most part, phones are to be placed and kept in the numbered phone pouches located near the side white board. Periodically, I will allow you to use your phones to record a practice presentation or look up information; however, at the beginning of each class period, ALL phones are to be placed in designated pouches. NO EXCEPTIONS. Phones that are not in pouches by the time the bell rings will be kept by me for the remainder of the day (it is up to you to get your phone back – I will not track you down!).


    Grading Categories

    • Classwork: 5%
    • Assessments: 35%
      • Major Writings
      • Formative
      • Summative
    • Quizzes: 20%
    • Projects: 40%


    October Book Talk (Regular English only)

    Regular English 8 classes are expected to finish a book by the end of October and present an oral book talk on the literature you have read. Specific directions for this assignment will be given separately.