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  • Welcome to Exploratory Spanish! Please browse the calendar for posted assignments, upcoming events, and due dates, as well as useful links that will help you throughout the course. You can find my syllabus below the course title. My instructional calendar and the grading information are below. Please keep all handouts during the quarter, as topics are often revisited: 

    Week 1

    Class routines/procedures, greetings & leave-takings, likes/dislikes, geography, Spain

    Week 2

    Alphabet, colors, favorites, responding to classroom commands, spelling in Spanish, Equatorial Guinea, Dominican Republic

    Week 3

    Numbers 0-100, math (addition and multiplication), Cuba, Paraguay, Uruguay

    Week 4

    Countries & capitals, identifying country flags, asking & responding to questions, Spanish calendar, months of the year, days of the week, seasons, weather, birthdays, Argentina, Chile

    Week 5

    Shapes, weather phrases, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador

    Week 6

    Clothing, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama

    Week 7

    Fruits & vegetables, Costa Rica, Nicaragua

    Week 8

    Food, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala

    Week 9

    Hispanic culture (art, music, dances, food), menus in Spanish, Mexico


    Grading Categories