During the school closure, I recommend students spend at least 30 minutes each day practicing skills on Khan Academy.


    Students can choose the skill to practice based on their individual needs. Students will benefit from practicing previously learned skills as well as learning new skills.


    If you need your username and/or password, please send me an email. I am available to answer any questions you may have.


    I miss all of my students. I hope to see you all at school again soon!

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  • What do we do in math lab?

    Students will take pre-tests to determine what concepts they already know and what concepts they are still learning. They will practice the skills not yet mastered then take a post-test to demonstrate mastery.

    Students will be using Khan Academy along with worksheet packets to learn and practice concepts.

    Progress monitoring will be done weekly.

    Students will also be practicing for ISATs and doing activities to build problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

    If students have questions from their regular math class (ex. homework problems they have attempted, re-teaching of a concept), they can ask questions during math lab.



    This class is graded as pass/fail. Grades entered into power school show progress toward mastery of the concepts needed to meet grade level standards.