We will be starting the year fully online. All class materials will be accessible through Microsoft Teams. During device pickup, your student will also receive a workbook.


    Tips for successful learning at home:

    Limit distractions. This might mean you're not looking out a window, phone on silent, television turned off.

    Music can help some focus and be a distraction to others. If you choose to listen to music while working, pick a playlist and stick with it. Do not stop work every few minutes to pick a new song.

    Choose a workplace with good lighting and lots of clear space to work. Choose a chair that promotes good posture.

    Follow a schedule with specific times for different activities. Do not forget to include brain breaks. Exercise, sunlight, and fresh air are great ways to get your brain going again!

    Eat healthy snacks!

    Know how and when to get help if needed. Check with your teachers for their procedures. 


    I miss all of my students. I hope to see you all at school again soon!

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  • What do we do in math lab?

    Students will take pre-tests to determine what concepts they already know and what concepts they are still learning. They will practice the skills not yet mastered then take a post-test to demonstrate mastery.

    Students will be using Khan Academy along with a workbook to learn and practice concepts.

    Progress monitoring will be done weekly.

    Students will also be practicing for ISATs and doing activities to build problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

    If students have questions from their regular math class (ex. homework problems they have attempted, re-teaching of a concept), they can ask questions during math lab.



    This class is graded as pass/fail. Grades entered into power school show progress toward mastery of the concepts needed to meet grade level standards.



Late/Missing Work Cut-off Dates

  • 1st Quarter:  Last Day to turn in work is 10/30/2020

    2nd Quarter (First Semester): Last Day to turn in work is 1/22/2021

    3rd Quarter: Last Day to turn in work is 4/2/2021

    4th Quarter: (Second Semester)Last Day to turn in work is 5/28/2021

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