• Course Description:

    This course is designed for the student who has an interest in nutrition, food preparation skills, and sewing skills. Students will explore the importance of making wise consumer choices, studying and preparing a variety of foods, and constructing a variety of sewing projects.


    Classwork 10%

    Projects 40%

    Labs 40%

    Exams 10%

    Zeros are only entered when a student refuses to do an assignment or assessment.​

    • If an assignment isn’t completed, the teacher enters “Missing” (this calculates as a zero).​
    • If a student doesn’t make up the assignment, the zero becomes part of the grade.
    • Students will have the opportunity to redoall assignments, tests, and quizzes without penalty until the quarterly late/missing cutoff date.
    • Redoing of assignments, tests, quizzes won’t be allowed untilre-teaching has occurred and student has turned in all assignments.

     Make-up Work:

    After an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to communicate with the teacher for make up work. Students will have 3 school days to make up missing work due to an absence.


    Students will be graded on a scale of 1-4 for each learning goal.  The goal for proficiency in each area is "3".

    1 = Building Readiness/Basic Skills

    In this stage, the student can identify concepts that needs to be developed so they can reach their learning goal, which is “Proficiency” or “3”.

    2 = Exploring/Building Proficiency

    In this stage, the student can identify specific skills and knowledge they have developed, but lack the ability to apply that knowledge.

    *3 = Demonstrating Proficiency

    In this stage, students identify indicators of proficiency for learning goals, including demonstrating independence, confidence, and consistency.

    4 = Enriched Understanding

    This stage suggests possibilities for enrichment when students are ready


    Please click on the link below for my student behavior expectations.

    Sawtooth Middle School Handbook