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    Peachjar for Outside Organizations:

    Organizations wishing to distribute information to our students must submit their flyers for review using Peachjar. The process is simple: create a Program Provider account, upload your flyer and fill in relevant information, and follow prompts to submit for review. The district's communication team will review the flyers uploaded per district policy and either approve or deny your flyer for distribution. Schools do not have authority to approve or deny flyers. Your Peachjar account will provide return on investment statistics such as how many times your flyer was viewed, how many viewers clicked on it for more information, and more.

    Organizations and schools alike are highly encouraged to upload their e-flyers well in advance of any events. Peachjar e-flyers are approved by district staff before they are distributed through email and posted on school websites. Users can choose how often they wish to receive e-flyers in their inbox, anywhere from immediately upon posting to once a week.

    Organizations can expect to pay approximately $25 per school, per flyer distribution. This cost is established by Peachjar and is meant to approximate the cost of printing and distributing flyers to each school for which you want your message sent. Peachjar offers a Community Free, or a free-for-free, account for local community organizations offering free programs with no encouragement for future fees or paid services.

    To set up a free-for-free account, or for questions regarding cost of distribution, please contact Peachjar directly.

    Rick Jolicoeur


    858-997-2117 x 106


    Peachjar for School Organizations:

    School organizations may have their flyers uploaded by their school principal or secretary for distribution to their school via Peachjar. For school groups requesting distribution of flyers to multiple campuses, requests should be submitted for the district's communication team to upload their flyer. Please do not create a program provider account.