• 1st Quarter Over view: During the first quarter, students will focus on foundational skills using communication and begin their first unit focused on Allies.  They will be learning how to cite textual evidence, identify story elements, parts of plot, write narratives and informational text.

    2nd Quarter Overview:  Unit 2 will focus on exploration.  Students will read and write debatable arguments throughout this unit.

    3rd Quarter Overview:  Unit 3 will focus on imagination.  Students will determine the theme or central idea of various texts.  They will also learn about figurative language, Greek and Latin root words, and write narratives (personal or imagined). 

    4th Quarter Overview: Unit 4 will focus on childhood.  Students will be able to read and comprehend grade level text in various types of literature (poems, stories, non-fiction).  They will also write routinely over extended periods of time.