• The following dates are tentative and may be changed.


    First day of practice will be August 24th 


    Matches will begin at 4:30pm

    • Due to Covid, if you would like to take your daughter to games, rather than ride the bus, you may do so. Please give

    your daughter's coach a written note prior to the game indicating that you will be taking her and on what day(s). Thank you!

    A teams will play in the main gym, B teams will be in the Auxilliary gym.  8th grade teams will play first until after September 23, then 7th Grade teams

    will play first.  


    7th and 8th Grade A/ B Schedule                                                                                              

                    Wed. Sept. 9   Fri. Sept 11   Mon. Sept 14


    Lake Hazel              @ Star @ Heritage @ Lewis & Clark

                  *CHANGE IN SCHEDULE*

        TUES. Sept 15   Mon. Sept 21   Wed. Sept 23   Fri. Sept. 25   Mon. Sept 28   Wed. Sept 30


    Lake Hazel  @ Victory @ Lowell Scott   BYE   Eagle @ Meridian   Sawtooth


     League Tournament - Hosted by Sawtooth Middle on Oct. 6, 7 & 8 (8th Grade A only)


    7th/ 8th Grade C Team Schedule 

        Wed. Sept. 9   Fri. Sept 11   Mon. Sept 14   Wed. Sept 16   Mon. Sept 21   Wed. Sept 23
    Coach Zollinger (TEAM 1)   Heritage 2   Star 2   Victory 3 (4:30) @ Heritage 2   Victory 1  @ Meridian 1 (5:30)
    Coach Neser (TEAM 2)   Heritage 3   Star 3   Star 1 (5:30) @ Heritage 3   Victory 3   Eagle 1 (4:30)
        Mon. Sept 28   Wed. Sept. 30                
    Coach Zollinger (TEAM 1)  

    Heritage 1 (4:30)

    @ Sawtooth 2 (4:30)                
    Coach Neser (TEAM 2)  

    Meridian 2 (5:30)

    @ Victory 1 (4:30)                


    COVID Regulations

    ▪ No coin toss to start the game. The visiting team will serve first.

    ▪ In order to maintain spacing, teams will not high five prior to, or after, the match, nor will they trade benches between games.


    Game Time Layout

    ▪ Arrive at school 15 minutes before game time.

    ▪ Matches will have a mandatory 3 games. The first 2 games will be scored to 25 with a cap of 30. The third game will be played to 15 with no cap. Teams must win by two points.

    ▪ Games where both teams are playing at the same location, Team 1 will play @ 4:30 and Team 2 will play @ 5:30. Coaches will let students know when these times may be different.





    Player Participation in Games

    • All players must attend 10 practices before participating in games
    • A Team (8A and 7A) play time is not guaranteed
    • B/C Team (8B, 7B, and C) play time is guaranteed.


    Grade Checks – Grade checks will be performed weekly.  All players must maintain passing grades (60% or “D-) in each of their classes to participate in games.