GT 7 Course Description

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  • GT 7 is a course that focuses on creative and higher-order thinking. 

    This course offers rigorous instruction in the reading process, reading comprehension and interpretation, and higher-level vocabulary acquisition.  In this course students will complete in-depth studies of informational and literary texts with a focus on analysis and evaluation.  As a part of this process students will develop advanced literary response skills.  This course also includes a unit addressing the affective (social/emotional) needs of gifted learners.

    Three concept-based units are covered using the lens of "Triumph of the Human Spirit (in the...)":

    1. Past = Argument
    2. Present = Informational
    3. Future = Narratives that include facts from research


    GT/ELA 7 has the following weighted categories:

    • Classwork - 50%
    • Quizzes - 40%
    • Assessments - 10%
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