Pepper Ridge Wish List

  • The PTA is often asked by parents, "What does the school need?" "Is there some list of items that I could help by donating?" This page is a list of just a few items that the amazing staff at Pepper Ridge could use and our school would benefit from. Too often it falls to the teachers and other staff to purchase these "extra" items with their own money. If you can, please consider donating anything on the list below.

Donating Supplies
  • Binders**


    Tissue Boxes

    Board Games**


    Ziploc baggies

    Wet wipes


    Art Supplies

    Edison Robot


  • Post-Its

    3D Printer Plastic

    Sewing machines

    Pencil grips

    Composition Books

    Dry Erase Markers

    Allergy-Friendly Snacks


    Domino Race Set



  • To donate any of these items, simply drop them off at the front office of the school and tell them it is a PTA donation. We will help it find the correct classroom.

    **indicates that these items are welcomed both new or used.