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    Concurrent/Dual Credit Courses

    CWI 101 - "Connecting with Ideas" (Mr. Golden/Mr. Helsley)

    *All courses are based on the individual teacher and subject to change.

    CWI Dual Enroll Guide


    Online or On-Campus Courses 

    If students are wanting to take Concurrent/Dual Credit courses online or on-campus through CWI, fill out the Registration Packet and send to dualcredit@cwi.edu. 

    CWI Spring Registration for Online/On Campus classes:
    Nov. 23 - Jan. 15, 2021

    Classes begin Jan. 19th

    CWI Registration Packet

    CWI Registration Instructions



    How to pay for Concurrent/Dual Credit Courses?

    The Fast Forward Program provides a total of $4125 to be used throughout grades 7-12. Funds can be applied to any of the following: concurrent credit, AP & IB exams, or qualifying CTE exams. 
    In order to access funds, students must follow the instructions and meet deadlines.

    Advanced Opportunities Portal Window
    Spring Semester/Q3:  Feb. 1 - March 12
    Q4: April 12 - April 23

    (click here to request funds)

    Instructions for Requesting Funds in Portal

    West Ada Fast Forward Guide