• Ms. Leftwich  

    7th & 8th Grade Physical Education 

    8th Grade Multi-Fit



    Description of Course 

     This course is nine weeks for 7th graders and 36 weeks for 8th graders.  Activities will include team and/or individual sports and various physical fitness and recreational activities.  My philosophy regarding physical education can be summed up in one sentence:  NOT EVERYONE IS ATHLETIC, BUT EVEYONE CAN BE FIT.  Being physically fit can have a positive and lasting effect on one’s life.  Getting fit can be very challenging for many students and very often increases a student’s self-esteem.  Students who work hard to become fit increase in confidence, as well as their physical well-being. I will challenge them and support them in this process of fitness.   

    8th Grade Multi-FIt is a class geared to fitness.  Students will participate in two days of cardiovascular fitness and two days of resistance training.  There is one game day each week.  


    Student’s grades is based on the following 

    60% - Classwork – This is where you will find your student’s daily participation grade.  

    This will be based on a rubric on over-all daily effort.  See grading Rubric below.  

    20% - Labs – is where you will find skills check offs, improvement in fitness scores.  

    20% - Assessments – All written assignments, tests, quizzes.  


    Grades will be updated weekly and can be found on PowerSchool.   


    PE Grading Rubric:  

    – Performs at a high level (effort) for duration of the activity.  Is supportive of classmates, demonstrates a cognitive understanding of the activities being performed and is a team player.  

    3 – Performs at a high level (effort) for MOST of the activity.  Is supportive of classmates, demonstrated a cognitive understanding of the activities being performed and is a team player MOST of the time.  

    2 – Performs at a MODERATE level, moderately supportive of classmates, demonstrates a MODERATE cognitive understanding of the activities being performed and is a MODERATE team player.  

    1 – Performs with a VERY LIMITED effort.  VERY LIMITED support for classmates, demonstrates very little cognitive understanding of activities being performed and VERY LIMITED team player.   


    Dress Down   

    Students are required to wear attire that will allow them to safely and appropriately participate in physical activity while following our school’s dress code guidelines.  Clothing such as shorts, T-shirts, sweats, and athletic style footwear are examples of what students may participate to the fullest extent possible.  Spandex and yoga pants will be allowed for physical education this year.  

     If students forget their P.E. clothes, there are loaner clothes available.  Please see the teacher BEFORE class begins to borrow a set.  These must be returned at the end of the period. The goal here personal hygiene, changing clothes after working out.  Students should also have a layer of warmer clothes for outdoor activities.     




    School policy discipline will be followed for the following:  Student behavior, Tardiness, Truancies, Failure to dress appropriately for PE. 

    1st Offense – Verbal Warning / Time out sheet

    2nd Offense – Parent Contact 

    3rd Offense – Office Referral  


       Participation:  You are expected and required to participate in all activities.  If you are at school but cannot participate due to illness or injury, you MUST bring a note from a parent or guardian.  You will still be required to dress down.  

     A DOCTORS NOTE is required if you need to be excused for more than three days.  If you are unable to participate in P.E. then you are also unable to participate in school sponsored after school activities 

    Make Up P.E.    When you are absent from P.E., you do not earn any participation points for the day(s) that you miss.  You can earn credit back in the follow way. Please pick up a P.E. Make Up Form to fill out and return.  Or you may fill one out online. 

    Exercise: you must complete at least 30 minutes of continuous activity (walking, running, dancing, etc.), bring a written note signed by your parent or guardian outlining the activity that you did, the amount of time, and include your name and class period.   


    Locks & Locker Room: 

    A Lock will be issued to each student. Locks must be returned at the end of the school year to avoid a lost lock fee of $6.00.  


    NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES should NOT be out in the locker room at any time 

     If it is lit and you are looking, it will be confiscated and given to the office where it may be picked up at the end of the day. 


    NO GUM, CANDY, SODA OR FOOD in locker room 

    Please remove all jewelry (dangly earrings) that may cause harm to you or others.  

    Plastic containers for deodorant ONLY please.  Please do not bring Glass into locker room 

    Use only the lock and locker assigned to you.  You are responsible for your valuables.  You should keep all of your personal items locked in your locker during P.E. class. Do not give your locker combination to anyone for any reason.  

    Please be seated after you have dressed until you are released from the locker room.  

    You are not allowed to leave the locker room without permission for any reason.  



    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.  

     My Email address is:  Bloom-Leftwich.mich@westada.org .  

    My office phone number is 855-4225 Ext 1601