Meridian Middle School Profile

  • Meridian Middle School Profile

    Educating Students in Grades 6-8


    School Pride:

    The Meridian Middle School mascot is the Chief, representing strength, loyalty and a commitment to learning. Our colors are black and gold. Our school motto is, “Learning for All.”

    MMS follows the Traditional Calendar.



    Lisa Austin, Principal

    Meghan McDonagh Assistant Principal

    Kevin Roberts, Assistant Principal

    Alisa Tueller, Assistant Principal



    63 Certified Staff

    45 Classified Staff



    1,222 Enrolled

    9 Languages Spoken

    4% Gifted and Talented

    11% Special Education

    47% Economically Disadvantaged


    School Activities:

    PTSO, Ambassadors, Garden Club, National Junior Honor Society, Student Council


    Grading Scale:

    See district’s student/parent handbook.

    A = 100-90%

    B = 89-80%

    C = 79-70%

    D = 69-60%

    F = 59-0%

    P = Pass

    NC = No Credit