• Siena Elementary School Profile 2018-2019

    Traditional Elementary School Educating Students in Grades K-5


    School Pride:

    The Siena mascot is the Stallion (Stanley) and our colors are light blue and brown. Our school mission is, “Inspiring a community of learners with a purpose and passion to cultivate character and academic excellence in an innovative world.”



    Kacey Schneidt, Principal

    Quyann Kerby, Counselor



    36 Certified Staff

    20 Classified Staff



    610 Enrolled

    1 Language Spoken

    2% Gifted and Talented

    6% Special Education

    0% Economically Disadvantaged


    Grading Scale:

    Advanced – consistent competency on achievement targets above their grade level.

    Proficient – consistent competency on grade level achievement targets

    Strategic – inconsistent competency on grade level achievement targets.

    Basic – does not yet demonstrate competency on grade level achievement targets


    School Activities:

    Year Book Club, Student Council, Parent Teacher Association, Various Student Leadership Positions, Fuel Up To Play, Mileage Club, Cross Country Running Club, Maker Space


    School and Staff Recognition:

    -2016-17 Teacher of the Year: Jessica DeWolfe

    -2016-17 Classified Employee of the Year: Paiden McDaniel

    -Three-time Defending Mascot Dance-off Winner: Meridian Neighborhood Block Party at Kleiner Park – Stanley the Stallion