• FAST FORWARD Summer 2020


    Portal will open May 4th - June 26th.


     Failure to meet deadline means paying out of pocket.

    You and your concurrent credit teacher will work together to register with the university and sign up for Fast Forward.

    If you continue to have IT issues or out of the ordinary complications, see Mrs. Walton in the Career Center during Lunch before the deadline.


    Fast Forward Program Info

    • $4125 Per Student
    • Concurrent College Credits & AP Exams
    • Portal Open for 6 Weeks in Fall & Spring (Strict Deadline set by the state)
    • Request college transcripts directly through the university be sent to the college you attend (NNU, CWI, BSU, or U of I)
    • *If you sign up to take a yearlong course for concurrent credit, you cannot transfer at semester or F on college transcript*
    • 4 Steps

      • Fast Forward participation form filled out electronically in parent PowerSchool account
      • Create account in Fast Forward Portal / Verify account through email
      • Request Funding for EACH concurrent credit course
      • Complete the University Registration


    *Just because your class has a concurrent credit option, does not mean that you have to sign up. Taking it for college credit is a committment that means the grade you get in the class is the final grade on a college transcript. If you're not strong in the subject content or are wary about the ability to perform. Talk to your teacher or career counselor and decide together if this is the right option for you. Using Fast Forward funds and failing means a freeze on future use of funds.*


    Fast Forward Portal Links & College Registration Links

    State Department of Education website for Advanced Ops Portal "Click Here"

    BSU Student Dual Credit Registration Portal "Click Here"

    CWI Student and Parents Dual Credit Website - policies, registration and drop dates "Click Here"

    CWI Student Dual Credit Registration Portal "Click Here"

    NNU Student Dual Credit Registration Portal "Click Here"

    CSI Student Dual Credit Application "Click Here" then click on Apply now under Dual Credit


    Below you will find links to the course equivalency, for the dual credit classes, for Boise State, University of Idaho, and Idaho State University.  You will also find the links to the Idaho Course Transfer guide and the current transfer guide for BYU.  For any other school please check on their website or with their admissions office for their course equivalency.

    Boise State University

    Idaho State University

    University of Idaho

    Click here for the Idaho Course Transfer guide.   The Course Transfer Guide will help students navigate transfer of credits across Idaho institutions

    Click here to access the current transfer guide for BYU.

    Click here to check on the AP scores and their equivalent classes in your specific college or university.


    College Transcript

    How do I request a College Transcripts for my Dual Credit Classes?

    College of Western Idaho / $7 Each - Once grades are submitted, you can request official transcripts. Students can request a download of their transcripts through their MyCWI accounts beginning fall semester of 2014. The cost for requesting a transcript through MyCWI is $7.00. https://cwi.edu/current-students/transcripts

    Boise State University / $10 for Mail or $11 Electronic - Students with myBoiseState access should order and pay for their official transcripts online through their myBoiseState account.To order an official transcript through myBoiseState:

    1. Log in to your myBoiseState account,
    2. select Student View (or select Student at the top of the page),
    3. select Student Center in the right sidebar,
    4. in your Student Center, select My Academics, and
    5. then select Request Official Transcripts.


    Northwest Nazarine University / $10 Each - Before ordering a transcript, please verify that your high school teacher has posted your grades to the NNU portal.  You may contact us at (208) 467-8548 or contact your high school instructor. https://registrar.nnu.edu/transcript