• Homework-Reading at Home


    Due to COVID-19 and the uncertainty of what our school schedule will look like, homework will be decided at a later date.  However, reading at home with your child is always a priority at this age, year-round.  

    If your child struggles with decoding words and/or comprehension, sitting side-by-side and sharing the book is needed.  Give your child a chance to decode the word before telling him/her the word.  Once the word is decoded, your child should re-read the sentence/paragaph again. At the conclusion of the story/article, go back, pick a page/paragraph to re-read out loud several times to build automaticity and fluency.  Take turns reading that portion.  Children respond beautifully to hearing an adult/parent read.  Trust me, they will try to emulate you. 

    If your child is a voracious reader and his/her comprehension is proficient, you may not necessarily need to sit side-by-side to read, though I'd bet he/she wouldn't mind ;).  But!  Be sure to initiate conversations about the story/chapter/article, etc.

    All children need to have conversations about what they are reading!  Here are some conversation starters that you and your child can respond to.  Pssst!  This is the fun part! 

    While reading...

    Share opinions about characters/persons, events, actions/choices.

    Make predictions about what will happen next, or what a character/person will choose to do.

    Explore illustrations, photos, diagrams, charts, tables, etc. to the greatest detail.

    Infer what the character/person is feeling throughout the story/article.  What made you think that?

    After reading...

    What was your favorite/least favorite part, illustration?

    Do you agree with what __________ said/did?

    Throw in some what/if scenarios and discuss how the course of the story would have changed.

    Was there a part/word you didn't quite understand?