Kindergarten Registration Announcements

Kindergarten Registration

  • Preparing for Kindergarten Registration:

    • Please complete the online pre-registration form by going to the New Student Online Registration Portal.
    • Go to your local school and bring the following: Original/official birth certificate (Student must be 5-years-old on or before September 1, of the school year in which the child is to enroll.)
      A hard copy of immunization record with proof of required immunizations. Please review your student’s immunization status with your physician to ensure your student will meet school immunization requirements. The Meridian Schools Clinic is available to help with immunizations. Please call 208-514-2527, ext. 5050 or visit the Meridian Schools Clinic webpage for more information.
      • 5 DTaP
      • 4 Polio
      • 2 MMR
      • 3 Hepatitis B
      • 2 Hepatitis A
      • 2 Varicella
    • Proof of address (such as power bill)
    • Once forms are completed online and your immunizations, birth certificate, and proof of address have been received by the school, then you will be contacted by the school to set up an appointment.
    • Please bring your child with you to the appointment.

     Kindergarten Readiness Activity Workbook

    Schools of Choice:

    Schools of Choice online applications are open January-February. Placement in a Schools of Choice campus is determined by the lottery using the applications submitted each winter. Visit the district’s website for more information about Schools of Choice.

    • Barbara Morgan STEM Academy
    • Chief Joseph School of the Arts
    • Christine Donnell School of the Arts
    • Eagle Elementary School of the Arts
    • Galileo STEM Academy
    • Pioneer School of the Arts
    • Spalding STEM Academy
    • Summerwind STEM Academy


    Current Special Education Preschool Students:

    Students enrolled in a district Special Education Preschool Program should register for kindergarten at their home school on designated Kindergarten Registration days. There will be important activities occurring during Kindergarten Registration which we wish to make available to all students, including those receiving special education services.  We recognize that a small percentage of students have unique needs which may require an alternate school placement. In those cases, the individual IEP teams will work with families directly regarding the process to transition from preschool to kindergarten.  A letter from the Special Education Preschool Teacher will go out to Preschool parents regarding the transition to kindergarten process.


    Special Education Preschool students are required to comply with the four additional state required immunizations needed to enter kindergarten prior to the registration/transition process.  Please check with your family doctor or your school nurse if you have questions.


    Printable Kindergarten Registration Calendar

Kindergarten Registration Calendar