Posted by Talli White on 3/4/2019

    Have you ever wondered, “Hmmmm, what should I get that is healthy in a vending machine?” Well, Sorry to break this to you, but there isn’t really anything healthy in a vending machine what-so-ever. We can change this by offering healthier snacks in the vending machines.


    The Kids Health website explains how many grams to tablespoons of sugar are in vending machine snacks. Ex. Chocolate chip cookies have 5.5g of sugar which is 1.5 teaspoons = 1.2 tablespoons. One Poptart packet has 15g of sugar which is 3.6 tablespoons. Most students in general aren’t well-versed about the health dangers of sugar. Unhealthy weight gain and tooth decay are caused by these sugars.



    As of 2014, changes have been evolving regarding vending machine offerings in schools. A writing in “U.S. News and World Report” notes that new federal laws can ban snacks from school vending machines. The new offerings are going to be needed to satisfy snack calorie, fat, sugar and sodium. Students have access to vending machines throughout the school day. The U.S. Department of Agriculture notes that these new regulations facilitate options for foods that are lower in fat, calories, sugar and Na (Sodium), and that additionally provide the nutrients growing students want.



    As schools create the transition to healthier vending machine snacks for students, educate your students regarding these simplest selections. Encourage your students to decide on water over soda. Teach your students to skip the sweet desserts and candy in favor of organic jerky and cheese, and whole grain cold cereal bars. Baked chips, dark chocolate and almonds work well too. Edible fruit are also further choices that are lower in sugar and offer essential vitamins and minerals.


    In conclusion, by offering healthier snacks, we can create a healthier school environment. Students need the right fuel in their systems to get through the day. This idea can help students create better eating habits just by choosing a simple snack. Healthy items in vending machines may also help athletes to have less temptation for sweet treats and make choices for healthy snacks which gives energy while playing sports. Therefore, our school should have healthier snacks in our vending machines

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  • Could You Survive a Day Without Your Phone?

    Posted by Margo Gauthier on 3/4/2019


                “I bet you couldn’t survive a day without your phone!” People always say this to their friends as a joke or an insult, but maybe we should all take this challenge to heart. There are many facts that show that life could be improved without the constant use of our marvelous mobile devices. Living without a phone could be done with a computer, carefully thought out planning, and an interest in thrusting yourself headfirst into social situations.

                Studies show you can actually find more enjoyment in your life without a phone on your person. You’re more into a conversation if your phone isn’t making tempting dinging noises in your pocket. On top of that, you can remember events and beautiful scenes with greater clarity if you’re not trying to capture the perfect selfie. According to Roy Germano in his Las Angles Times article, “My Life Without a Smartphone”, “The most immediate advantage of not owning a smartphone, I quickly learned, is the ability to immerse yourself in social situations.”

                Living without iPhones doesn’t equal living without technology. What are the main things you need a phone for? Looking things up, communication, camera, Netflix, games, and social media. You could just substitute these things with safari and email on your computer, a real camera, a TV, an Xbox. And come on, is social media really that necessary? I don’t have it so maybe there’s something I’m missing, but I honestly don’t think my life will suddenly become complete if I get it. Now, I’m not saying we get rid of phones altogether. I have a phone, and I love it. But, maybe a little less screen time could be beneficial to everyone. People will argue that phones can be used for emergencies and they make us safer. That’s perfectly true. But that doesn’t mean we need to take them everywhere and check them every five seconds.

                Using a phone too much can affect your sleep. According to the University of Rochester Medical Center’s article, “Your Cell Phone: The Good, the Bad, the Overly Connected”, “Your phone’s glowing screen may keep you up at night. Such artificial sources of light can mess with your body’s sleep cycle.” This is true, smartphones are probably one of the main reasons why students show up to school tired. Our bodies have had a natural sleep cycle since the beginning of time. When there’s bright light you should be awake. When it is dark out, you should be asleep. So it makes sense that staring at a bright, glowing, artificial mini-sun under your covers when you should be sleeping messes with your rest.

                Some people might say that smartphones are a necessity. They are essential in keeping up with family members who live out of town. According to Bonnie Crowe’s article, Ten Reasons why a Kid Should Have a Cell Phone, “Cellphones are a good incentive for kids to keep in contact with long-distance relatives,” This might be true, but texting isn’t the only form of communication. Old-fashioned as it might sound, letters are a heartfelt way of showing you care. According to an page on wiseGeek.com, “Remember that written letters can convey the feelings of the writer much better than an email.” Think about it, isn’t getting a hand-written letter in your mailbox so exciting? It feels like you’re more physically connected with them because they took time out of their busy lives to write you.

    All in all, monitoring our screen time and finding ways to substitute electronics would be beneficial. Phones can be helpful for emergency situations and having fun, but as the saying goes, “Everything in moderation”. Too much phone use can cause health problems, not to mention annoy the people trying to engage in social activity with you. So let’s all put down our devices, bond with our family and friends in the outside world, and see if it is indeed possible to survive a day without our phones.

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  • Do Teachers Assign Too Much Homework?

    Posted by Lucy on 10/24/2018

    This all gives us stress sometimes and sometimes teachers don’t give us enough time to complete it. And sometimes...we get too much of it. It’s the dramatic, heartbreaking, troublemaking homework, kids. Questions about homework are, “why do we have homework?” and “why do we have so much of it? What’s the point?” Folks, I’m with ya.

    These questions that are asked I’ve heard a million times. Oher than questions, you most likely will have homework when you get home from school. I do every day. When you get a ton of homework, sometimes it keeps you up late which can cause you to sleep in. One of my friends, Paige France, announced that she spent about 3 hours on homework and she still had more to do. She said this in advisory, too. See? Homework can keep you up! Also, every night I spend around 1 ½ hours doing homework myself.

    Next, homework can cause you stress. Like for me. Sometimes you study for tests and quizzes. You’ll also do math, read a passage, read a specific number of pages, study, practice a line for drama, complete a PowerPoint, type something, etc. Studying and just homework itself I think is hard.

    After a long, nice summer, kids have to go back to school. Some kids are excited, some aren’t. According to livescience.com, over 70% of the students didn’t like or enjoy school. 60% pf the 70% said they didn’t like the work that was assigned to them. 10% of the 70% said they didn’t like the teacher, but that’s not the point.

    Some teachers think we need homework. Homework has some good and happy positives, though. It can help us learn. It helps us study for tests and quizzes. According to blog.eskool.ca/parenting/why-homework-is-important/, homework improves a child’s thinking and memory. It also develops positive study skills.

    Teachers assign too much homework! I think students, parents, and other adults should talk to schools and teachers about assigning less homework. Homework takes away our time from life skills, sports, and even our community.

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  • Is School too Long?

    Posted by Natalie on 10/24/2018

    Do you think students spend too long in school? As a parent you probably say no, but as an overworked student or teacher the answer is likely yes. I personally think that too much of my life is spent in school. The length of school days need to be decreased now.

    Students shouldn’t be expected to be in school as long as their parents are at work. Most people think that a child should be in school if an adult is at work because it will ready them for their future life. But, this is simply too much time spent doing an activity. In anything kids need breaks to chill or they will lose their attention span and not gain anything.

    Students need more rest. All children between the age of 12 and 18 need at least eight hours of sleep every night. The 2014 Sleep in America Poll showed that 58 percent of 15-17-year olds get less than seven hours of sleep a night. With shorter school hours I believe this number would certainly go down a lot.

    Teachers normally are all smiles for their students, but the truth is that they are even more overworked than their students. They must put in a full school day of work, plus extra time after school to finish their work. With a shorter school day, the teacher could focus on teacher her students rather than secretly grading papers.

    A study in the DC area schools found that there is no significant statistical difference between long and short school days. It is true that in some countries with more school, for example Japan, that students get higher grades and achieve more. However, these students have a mind set on achievement which in turn leads them to success.

    Overall, longer school days are the worst for students and teachers alike. Students don’t benefit from them and teachers have a hard time with all the time they must put in. I believe that the length of school days should be decreased now.

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  • Advisory at the end of the day?

    Posted by Chloe on 10/24/2018


    What do you think about this? I think that advisory would be way more useful if we had it in the afternoon after all of our classes.

    Homework takes up a lot of our time, and students have other things such as sports, family things, and church things. Middle school kids end up working late at night doing homework and have to get up early for school. Then in the mornings we are tired. We don’t want that at school, but if we get our homework done at school than we will be able to go to bed sooner.

    You may be thinking morning announcements? What about those? Well they could be called afternoon announcements! That would help us students even more they would be way more useful to us. We would be able to know what's going on for the next day such like swing team kids would know that they have practice. Other sports would know as well.

    This afternoon advisory would be like a prep period but only for us. It would be a time for us to talk with friends and would be great to get homework done! I think that since teachers get a period to prep we should as well.

    Some people might say that advisory is better in the mornings. I am not saying that it is horrible but I think it is a little less useful. Our school should really consider this. I think I would be a great change to make next year or this year!

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  • Name Game

    Posted by Ashtyn on 10/24/2018

    Are you sick of being the worst at basketball, or being on the dreaded C team? Let’s be real who wants to be on the C team. So why don’t we call A, B, and C, JV and Varsity?

    First, everyone knows being named a person on the ‘c’ team is, even if the coach is amazing (Yay Coach Smith) but being on the C team is still embarrassing. When I walked into tryouts, the only thing I was worried about was making the C team. It wasn’t about anyone, it was about the name.

    Second, studies show that 70%of kids quit organized sports because they don’t make the ‘A’ team (changethegameproject.com).

    Third, kids that have never played before quit instead of learning, because they are being labeled the ‘C’ team players (breakthroughbasketball.com)

    Some may argue that in order to play basketball you have to have the guts to be on the ‘C’ team. But if people quit, we limit the people who are playing that want to play just because of the name of the team.

    Fourth, saying a kid is on the A, B, and C teams is like grading sports which is usually the one thing kids do to get away from school and grades.

    What should the school do? We/they should change the names of our sports from A, B, and C to JV and Varsity and have 2 JV teams.

    What do you think? Should we change the names of our sports teams? And a comment below.

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  • No More ISATS

    Posted by Emma on 10/24/2018

    ISATS aren’t only stressful, schools shouldn’t have their students take theses tests. Just think about how you would feel when you’re in elementary through high school and half to take a test that is so stressful that you can’t even think about sleeping. In my opinion it’s like the tests tell you weather or not you pass or fail, not just as a student but also as a human. Like its telling you that you’re a failure to life, and who all is going to want that. So, to take that test in collage sure whatever it’ll be less stressful because well be used to large tests that tell us congrats or see you tomorrow when you come in at lunch to retake your test. Imagine how you would feel if you were told that you’re not going to graduate but you have all A’s and you can’t graduate, because you failed your math ISAT you would completely lose your mind. Everything that was put into passing that test was gone and you’re going to half to take the course again cause you’re a complete failure. Therefore ISATS shouldn’t be a thing at any school except for collage.      

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  • Naptime

    Posted by Caitlyn on 10/24/2018

    We have all had those days where you stayed up late cramming for a test, then you had to wake up early to shower AND catch. Then at school, you can only focus on how tired you are instead of taking important notes. Well there is a simple solution tom this problem that millions of teens face. School provided naps!

    I know what you’re thinking, but hundreds of teens would enjoy naps at school. Some high schools already offer in-school naps. Why do we need this? Well as I’m sure many of you know, teens need sleep! But in a world full of video games, social media and blue light, sometimes falling asleep can be difficult. Did you know that the average teen usually starts to feel tired at around 11:00p.m? And teens need 9 to10 hours of sleep? This means that if you were to fall asleep at exactly 11:30p.m and slept for exactly 10 hours, you would wake up at about 10:00a.m. The problem? School stars at 8:20, and busses arrive even earlier. So, if you want a full night of rest you would need to go to bed early. But what about homework? And after school activities? There can't possibly be time for it all!

    As I stated earlier, school provide naps are a perfect solution! But how do we fit naps into students already overflowing schedules? Well, there are a few options. First, we could have naps during certain class periods. This would allow students to wake up feeling refreshed and alert after a short nap. Another option is making naps an option during break. Why break? Well, Scientists have concluded that a 10-20-minute nap is best because it allows students to sleep and wake up refreshed without feeling grogginess. So, our schools 15-minute break is a perfect option! Either way, it is an important addition to our school’s schedule.

    Naps at school are a good solution to avoid school stress, health problems, and improve student’s attitudes toward going to school. They are important to add to our school’s schedule and there are many ways to incorporate them into our busy lives at school.

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  • Do Educational Games Really Help?

    Posted by Kole on 10/24/2018


                One of the most popular games across the globe is Minecraft, but should it be on school computers? I am going to inform you on why I think Minecraft shouldn’t be on school computers.

                While students are typing essays or doing work on the computers instead they are playing Minecraft. They don’t get their work or assignments finished which leads to grades dropping and don’t get to do any activities outside of school.

                I always log into a computer everyday in 8th  period and that is the first thing I see when I log in. It is very distracting and is very tempting to click on and play. I always fight the urge to click on it but some people may not.

                Minecraft is a fun game and all but it just doesn’t tie into any school subjects. It may be beneficial to some like 3rd graders but to have it in middle school really doesn’t have any educational benefit. Sure, some sixth graders can benefit from it but it hurts more people than it helps.

                In my opinion the school should not have Minecraft on their computers because it is very distracting, and has no educational benefit. For those reasons Minecraft should not be on school computers.

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  • Yes I Run Like a Girl

    Posted by Caitlyn on 10/10/2018

    Have you ever been told “You run like a girl”? Admit it, you have herd it in movies, read it in books, or maybe even said it before! Is it still a valid thing to say though? No, not in this age. Women have come so far from simply earning the right to vote on America’s leader in the 1920s, to running for President in last year’s elections. So, our language should reflect that.

    Although perhaps in the past girls were perceived to not care about sports or play badly because they were preoccupied with not chipping a nail, but that isn’t true anymore. So why do we still stereotype girls into this category of not being able to play sports? Even at our school, we have girls that are incredible athletes. Do they deserved to be lumped into this stereotype? No, there are so many amazing Female athletes such as sisters Serena and Venus Willams who are the queens of the court when it comes to tennis. Or Gabby Douglas, a gold medal gymnast.

    In today’s world, women are in more positions of power than ever before. Women are CEOs of companies, professional athletes, world famous musicians, and so much more. So why are we still treated like proper dainty, little ladies? Women are growing more and more; our vocabulary should reflect that. Instead of teaching our children to reinforce stereotypes, we should encourage them to accept everybody. It may take a while, but I believe that we can change for the better!

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