• On this tab you will be able to find all necessary files to help you with the process of enrolling into the concurrent credit Math 144 that is being offered in Pre-Calculus this semester. It is suggested that you complete the Fast Forward funding before you register for class with CWI.



    Friday, February 7th  - Final day to set up a Fast Forward account. 
    Friday, February 14th  - Final day to request Fast Forward funding. 
    Friday, February 21st  - Final day to sign up for CWI class.   


    Fast Forward Funding:

    Fast Forward Guide

    Fast Forward Parent Participation Guide




    CWI Registration:

    Registration Student User Guide

    Registration Info


    Math 144 Syllabus: Spring 2020 Math 144 Syllabus


    Deadlines when enrolled:

    Drop Deadline with no grade: March 20th, 2020

    Withdrawl with a W for a grade:  April 10th, 2020


    Withdrawl Form: CWI Withdrawl Form