Certified Application Process

  • Checklist for Certified Applicants:

    Complete an external application on the West Ada website. This link will take you directly to the employment homepage:

    Check specific vacancies for which you would like to apply.  This is in the "Vacancy Desired" section of the application.  Please continue to watch the job postings and add jobs that you may be interested in.

    Upload the following documents into your application.

    • Authorization of Release Form – Must be hand signed.
    • Cover Letter
    • Current Certification
    • Initial Certification
    • Praxis Scores
    • Resume
    • 3 Letters of Reference – Letters of reference can be no more than 2 years old and must include date and signature.
    • Transcripts - Upload transcripts from all colleges/universities attended. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable for application purposes. Upon hire, you will be required to provide official transcripts.

    Submit Application

    Applications not submitted within 30 days will be deleted.

    If you do not have all of the required items to upload into your application you may upload a Word document explaining the situation.  As long as you have a document uploaded in the requested field, Applitrack will let you submit your application.  You can later edit your application and submit the required documents.  


    Contact HR - HR@westada.org


    August 31st

    Deadline to submit renewed certificates.

    January of renewal year:

    Begin the renewal process with the State Department of Education.

    The State Department of Education will mail two original renewed certificates. Send or hand deliver one of the two original renewed certificates to Patsy Lindbloom to update your personnel file. If a renewed certificate is hand-delivered, the certificate will be copied, and the original returned to the employee.  West Ada School district does not keep original certificates.




    On or before the last
    Friday of September:

    Deadline to submit updated official transcripts for salary schedule placement purposes, and for the BA+24 or Master Allocations.

    • Order full official transcripts from any “Accredited University/College” to be mailed to employee’s home address and reviewed to ensure accuracy. Hand-deliver or send in-district mail to Patsy Lindbloom prior to the deadline listed above.
    • Once transcripts are received and updated in the employee’s personnel file, the employee will be able to access this and other certified information on the Employee On-Line website under “Job Information”.
    • West Ada School District (WASD) recognizes only Accredited Institutions. (WASD adheres to the State Department of Education’s guidelines for accepted credits. Credits earned must be semester credits; quarter credits earned will be converted to semester credits).
    • To receive the BA+24 or Masters Allocation, credits must be submitted to the District on or before the last Friday of September. To qualify for this allocation, the Employee must possess a Professional Endorsement as defined in Idaho Code 33-1201A. 

    Last Friday of September:

    To receive retro pay, effective back to the beginning of the school year.

    Prior to December 1st:

    Corrections made to a certified employee’s contracted salary amount from the previous year.

    After December 1st:

    The salary increase will become effective in the following school year.

Negotiated Agreement