Academic Accountability Program (AAP)

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  • Academic Accountability Program
    The Academic Accountability Program (AAP) at Renaissance High School is designed to assist
    students who are struggling academically in completing work and re-learning material in order to
    assist them in raising their grades. The program is scheduled for after school from 2:25 p.m. to
    3:25 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. All teachers are required to make
    themselves available to students during this time, and no clubs or student organizations are to
    meet during this hour.
    Although it is not required for a student to attend AAP, it is essential that students utilize this
    opportunity to ensure success in the academic rigor of Renaissance High School. Students may
    attend on the days that fit their schedules and their academic needs.
    The AAP Coordinator is responsible for communicating with teachers, students and parents to
    identify students in need of assistance and to assist teachers in scheduling students into AAP times
    so they can work with their teachers to bring up their grades.
    Identification of Students
    There are three primary ways that a student is scheduled for assistance in the AAP Program.
    1) Teachers can refer students to the AAP program who are struggling in their classes. They
    will communicate with the AAP Coordinator, parents and the student to schedule a time
    for the student to receive additional academic assistance in their class.
    2) Students can schedule a time with a teacher on their own for additional assistance during
    AAP time, as well.
    3) The AAP Coordinator conducts a weekly check of students with D’s and F’s and
    communicates directly with the student and their parents to schedule them for times
    during the AAP schedule for extra assistance. The coordinator follows up with the teachers
    to determine whether the students show up for their scheduled time and then
    communicates with parents if the students fail to do so.
    Academic AAP vs Organizational AAP
    Students who are experiencing academic issues are scheduled for AAP with the teacher(s) in
    whose classes they are struggling academically. If a student’s grades are low because they are
    simply unorganized and/or not turning in required work, they are scheduled into an AAP session
    with the AAP Coordinator who reviews with them the specific issues that are causing the low
    grades, providing them with assistance and strategies to help them improve their grades.