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    • 1st – 5th Grade Classroom Guidance Curriculum Highlights:

      1st Grade (w/ written parental permission)

      •  Personal Safety: bicycle, guns, saying “no” to strangers, asking permission
      • Touching Safety: safe/unsafe touches, saying “no” to unwanted/unsafe touches, telling a grownup
      • Assertiveness and Support: standing up for yourself, bullies, telling an adult

       2nd Grade

      • Empathy Training: identifying feelings, introduce I-messages & empathic response
      • Anger Management: anger triggers, dealing with put-downs/criticism, consequences
      • Assertiveness and Support: definition of bullies, standing up for yourself against bullies, being left out, introduction to problem-solving, seeking grownup help

       3rd Grade (w/ written parental permission)

      • Personal Safety: safe walking, fire safety, gun safety, saying “no” to strangers
      • Touching Safety: identifying safe/unsafe touches, “no”-run-tell, telling touching secrets
      • Assertiveness and Support: talking it out, problem-solving, harassment, knowing what to do

        4th Grade

      • Empathy Training: identifying feelings, preferences, perceptions, intentions, fairness, active listening, expressing concern, accepting differences
      • Impulse Control: interpersonal problem-solving, keeping a promise, making conversation, dealing with fear, taking responsibility for actions, peer pressure
      • Anger Management: anger triggers, relaxation, self-talk, dealing with put-downs/ criticism, being left-out, accepting consequences

        5th Grade

      • Exploring Careers: What Would I Be Good At: personalities, interests, and the connection between the two and career satisfaction, different types of jobs for all personality types, identify careers that fit the student’s personality and interests
      • Personal Safety: follow-up and review
      • Middle School Transition: information session, middle school visit/tour

      In addition to classroom guidance curriculum, small group or individual counseling activities may be provided, as needed, on the following subjects:

      • Understanding self and others
      • Changing families
      • Grief and loss
      • Making friends
      • Students with militarily deployed family members
      • Self-esteem
      • Anger management
      • Middle School Transition
      • Other topics determined by need

       **Please note: Written parental consent is required prior to your child’s attendance in personal safety training and/or small group participation. **


      Tina Young, Counselor


      (208) 855 - 4477