• BB  


    • FACE MASKS REQUIRED and EXPECTED to be worn by spectators at all times while on school property. Mask must fully cover the nose and mouth. You will be asked to leave the gym if you are not complying with this rule. No exceptions will be made.
    • SPECTATORS - Two adults per athlete will be allowed for both home and away games.
    • Second Game Spectators - If the gym is full or at capacity for the first game, the spectators for the B game may be asked to remain outside until the gym has been cleared of all spectators from the A game. Please keep in mind that our capacity numbers have been lowered to accommodate for social distancing.
    • Athletes - REQUIRED and EXPECTED to wear masks at all times when not on the court actively participating in the game.

    Thank you for your understanding and for respecting the rules that have been put into place so our athletes are able to participate in sports during these times. 


    Meridian Middle School Athletics uses REMIND to send announcements and notifications to parents and athletes throughout the season. 

    Click NEW FORM WITH NEW CODES WILL BE ADDED SOON for more information and instructions on how to sign up.


  •  A Team will play first. Their game will start at 4:15. B Team will play as soon as the A game has concluded. This is the same for both boys and girls.




    Athletes will be required to purchase an activity card every year in order to participate in afterschool activities. The cost of the activity card is $22.26. Activity cards must be purchased before the first day of practice.


    Please note that along with the activity card, there is a $90 participation fee for each sport an athlete participates in. This fee is non-refundable and must be paid by every athlete who continues participating in any sport past the first week of practice. This fee will need to be paid before the first game.

  • G I R L S


    Head Coach: Jessica Kreft, jesskreft19@yahoo.com

    "B" Team: Jennie Withers, withers.jennie@westada.org 

    REMIND Code: TBD

  • B O Y S


    Head Coach: Owen Howard, howard.owen@westada.org

    "B" Team: Jeff Harper, timeforheat@gmail.com

    REMIND Code: TBD

  • Boys and Girls basketball games will be played simultaneously but at different locations. The teams will be divided into one (1) A” team and one (1) “B” team, based on ability. Athletes on all teams, including the “A” team, will have equitable (not equal) playtime. Skills, attitude, and work ethic will be considered when selecting teams. Be sure to dress in appropriate athletic wear including court shoes and bring water. Athletes must complete the online participation form or submit a signed hard copy before they'll be allowed to practice.