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    7th grade Basketball begins on March 3, 2020.





    Meridian Middle School Athletics uses REMIND to send announcements and notifications to parents and athletes. 

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  • Athletes must purchase an activity card every year in order to participate in after-school activities.  Please note that along with the activity card fee, there is an athletic fee for each sport a student participates in.  The cost of the activity card is $22.26

    7th grade basketball is a shorter season.  The fee is only $60.  This fee will need to be paid before the first game.  The fee is non-refundable and must be paid by every athlete who continues participating in the sport past the first week of practice. 

    Tennis or Track will still be available for any 7th grader who participates in basketball, however, the seasons overlap by a few weeks.  If a player would like to join either of these Spring sports, they will only have to pay an additional $30. 

  • G I R L S


    Head Coach: Jessica Kreft, jwat517@yahoo.com

    "B" Team: 

    REMIND Code: 3gce27

  • B O Y S


    Head Coach: Jacob Watson, jwat20@icloud.com

    "B" Team: Thomas Pirc, pirc.thomas@westada.org

    REMIND Code: 78dhgc

  • Boys and Girls basketball will be played simultaneously but at different locations.  NO CUTS will be made!  This means that every athlete who comes out to play will make a team.  There will be 4 boys’ teams and 4 girls’ teams.  The teams will be divided into one (1) A” team and one (1) “B” team, based on ability, and the remaining players will be divided into two (2) equally balanced “B” teams.  Athletes on all teams, including the “A” team, will have equitable (not equal) play time.  Skills, attitude, and work-ethic will be considered when selecting teams.  Be sure to dress in appropriate athletic wear including court shoes and bring water.  Athletes must submit a signed participation form before they'll be allowed to practice.