Unit 7: Genetics

Diagram of Chemistry Equation

Unit 6- Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents

    Pg. 38: Intro. to Genetics Notes (see powerpoint)

    Pg. 39: Monohybrid Punnett Square worksheet (answer key is available in Mrs. O's classroom)

    pg. 40: Non-mendelian Inheritance Notes (see powerpoint )

    pg. 41: Non-mendelian punnet square practice (see document and answer key)

    pg. 42: A sheepish dilemma 

    pg. 43: Dihybrid Punnett square notes (see powerpoint)

    pg. 44: Dihybrid Punnett squares worksheet (answer key is available in Mrs. O's classroom) 

    pg. 45: Pedigree Packet (answer key online)

    pg. 46: Thacker Family Pedigree (worksheet is online)

    pg. 48: Fruit Fly Lab

    pg. 49: Sexual Reproduction Video questions

    pg. 50: Meiosis Notes (see powerpoint & scanned copies of notes in the documents section)

    pg. 51: Meiosis Activity

    pg. 52: Meiosis Virtual Activity (see Mrs. O for a copy of the activity)

    Pg. 53: Genetic Disorders notes (see genetic disorders powerpoint)

    Pg. 54: Concept Map (see concept map answer key in documents section) 

Unit 3 - Documents

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