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    Hello Advanced Art Students!!

    I miss having you in class and seeing all your amazing artwork!  I know things are kind of crazy right now but I really hope things are going well for you and your family!  

    Most of you have signed up for the advanced art team already, remember when we decided which succulent we wanted, and our candy images...  Well if you are not in that team already please email me and I can add you or you can use this code to join it.  Teams will be the easiest place to give you documents and collect work from you at this point.  Here is the code: ny62qne  For now you can ask questions through the chat on the main page, or email me @

    Starting on April 13th we will have a few weeks to re-do, re-visit, and re-submit any work done before school closing on March 13th, which in our case was colored pencil candy projects and the progress checks for our Polina Bright inspired projects.  At this time we will not be working on or turning in the Polina Bright projects, which makes me super sad because they were looking amazing!!  I am just not sure what materials you may have at home in order to be fair to all of you.  You can go to the team and fill out the form I have created to see what you may have to work with in the future of our remote learning.  Also the school will not allow anyone to go into classrooms to get projects or materials unless they are essential, so they will stay safe for now.  If you would like to raise your grade you will have to do the candy project or your progress checks and send them to me through teams.  Please message me if you have questions on how to do this or what that will look like if you are missing supplies to complete it.

    Be on the look out after a couple weeks for some new assignments for you to work on at home that can help your grade in the future.

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