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    Remember you can also message me though remind 101 with questions and photos of your art.


    Hello AP Friends!!

    Well this was somewhat of a surprise for us all I think.  Hope you are all home doing well and still being able to enjoy some time with your family.  Maybe even doing some art...??  At this point the AP studio arts portfolios are still being offered, and I would hope that you all are still able and willing to work on submitting them!  Before we left for the break we had made a calendar on how many days you should be working on each assignment and my advice for you is to try and keep on track with how many days you are using per project.  There have been some changes in the portfolio submissions that you should be aware of: 

    *The due date is May 26th, but I am going to have you shoot for May 20th so you can forward it to me and I can look it over before I need to forward it on to the right person.

    *Students are required to submit 10 images for Sustained Investigation, reduced from 15.  The Sustained Investigation is intended to provide students an opportunity to demonstrate their thinking-and-making process when creating works of art and design. The 10 submissions can be a combination of images of process documentation and more finished works of art.

    *Students are required to submit 3 works for Selected Works (quality), reduced from 5.  The 3 submissions should be finished works of art that demonstrate the synthesis of materials, processes, and ideas. The works may come from the Sustained Investigation or they may be works made outside of the Sustained Investigation.

    You will need to log into your college board accounts, through the submission account we did together in class, and upload your images and type all your explanations.  I will not be able to help you in person for this, like I could in class, but if you have any questions you can remind 101 me your question and if needed we can try to zoom, Facebook messenger video, or team video to try to fix the problem.  

    Here are the steps I would take for working on this.

    1. Figure out what I already have created ( I know these may be at school, so let me know what you have and we can try to arrange you getting them to photograph and submit)

    2. See how may more complete pieces of art I need to make in order to fulfill my sustained investigation thought/statement/question

    3. How many process/sketchbook pieces will I show?  These should be something that is your thought process, practices, revisions, a unique way of doing something, not just a sketch or work in progress.  Your process photos should help the viewers understand the research you went through, how something was made (like did you have a unique method of creating this piece), etc... I would maybe only do 1-2 of these.

    4. Plan out the remainder of my pieces and create a timeline for me to have "deadlines". If you need accountability please send me what you are wanting to stick to and I will message you and keep you accountable for this part.

    5. Figure out what you will submit for the 3 selected works (quality), personally I would not use all 3 pieces from the 10 I am submitting unless they are REALLY GOOD, but I would use something that I really did well on from past project, a just for fun project that is really good, or something I was really proud of. These should be your best of best art you've created!!  ATTENTION TO DETAIL is key!

    6. Start to photograph pieces and upload.  Be sure you take very clear photos, not blurry.  Use a window light to help with the most accurate colors. Don't put them in direct sun, but open a window and place it near by.  Watch your shadow in the photo.  Place your pieces on a SOLID COLOR background to reduce distracting backgrounds.  You can use an old poster board, a blanket, a piece of wood... White or black would be best.  Crop your images to focus only on your piece and upload to college board submission account.

    7. As you upload you should measure and type descriptions out so they are all completed and you don't have to do all the typing at once at the end.

    8. Create a rough draft for the sustained investigation questions and have someone read over them so they understand what you are trying to say.  You can reference your art pieces in your statement.  (for example:  I showed this feeling in painting number 1 by using the bright red colors to show anger and the cool colors to show calmness... this is a not great example but you can reference the piece when you are explaining)

    9. Type in your sustained investigation writing and proof read a few times for spelling and grammar mistakes... I am not an English teacher so I may not catch them either, but do your best... probably just miss used that comma:)

    10. After everything is filled in press the forward to teacher button... I think this is what it says, I have never seen it from a students portal so let me know if you get to this point and I am wrong.

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