Unit 7: Evolution & Classification

Diagram of Chemistry Equation

Unit 7 - Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents

    Pg. 81-83: Co-evolution Lab (see Co-evolution powerpoint for instructions)

    Pg. 84: How Natural Selections Works Notes (see Evolution Unit powerpoint slides 13-20)

    Pg. 85: Natural Selection Simulation (see Mrs. O for document & supplies)

    Pg. 86: Evolution of Populations Notes (Evolution unit ppt slides 22-27)

    Pg. 87: Biodiversity Speciation Notes (Evolution unit ppt slides 32-46)

    Pg. 88: Evidence of Evolution Notes (Evolution unit ppt slides 50-56)

    Pg. 89: Evoluation Review/Speciation Questions (see picture below)

    Pg. 90: Five Kingdom Classification Lab (See Mrs. O for lab documents)

    Pg. 91: Classification Key Challenge (see Mrs. O for a set of classification cards) 

    pg. 92: Protist Lab (see Mrs. O for lab documents)

Unit 7 - Documents

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