• Guideline for the Implementation of the Healthy, Hungry-Free Kids Act of 2010


    Public Involvement

    • Beginning in February 2018, the West Ada School District invited parents, staff, school board members, food service employees, students and the public to participate in a committee that revised and updated the district wellness policy. A new policy was adopted by the school board in April 2018
    • The wellness policy content and implementation guideline will be available to the public on the district website.
    • Individual schools will inform parents via newsletters and websites about the revisions to the policy.


    Nutrition Guidelines

    • The district will adhere to nutrition guidelines for school meals and meet the standards required in Healthy, Hunger-Free Act of 2010
    • A resource to access Smart Snacks in Schools guidelines and calculator will be promoted on the district's website
    • Schools will adhere to Smart Snack standards for competitive foods (á la carte, concessions, vending, school stores)


    Nutrition Standards

    Staff and families will be provided with suggested nutrition standards for:

    • Classroom/school celebrations
    • Rewards
    • Fundraisers


    Policy for Food and Beverage Marketing

    • Schools will limit food and beverages marketing during the school day to the promotion of foods and beverages that meet competitive food standards and/or Smart Snack requirements.
    • Schools will phase out marketing materials that do not meet the current policy requirements
    • Future updates to or replacement of signs, scoreboards, advertising, and other sports equipment will meet competitive food standards and/or the Smart Snacks requirements


    Nutrition Promotion

    • West Ada School District schools are all Team Nutrition Schools (designated through the USDA Food and Nutrition Service)


    Nutrition Education

    • West Ada School District and the Board of Trustees will ensure that a comprehensive district-wide wellness policy is implemented that includes goals for nutrition, health (physical, social, and mental/emotional), and physical fitness, as well as nutrition promotion, integrated within the sequential, comprehensive health education curriculum, and coordinated with the district’s School Nutrition Services department.


    Physical Activity

    • Schools will, at a minimum, meet state/district physical education standards and physical education requirements.
    • Schools will provide time at the elementary level for supervised recess.
    • Schools will provide extra-curricular activities that enable students to select from a variety of sports and other activities.


    Other School Based Wellness Activities

    • We encourage all schools to have a wellness committee and a staff wellness program
    • Schools should provide annual training to staff on the wellness policy, nutrition, and physical activity in schools
    • All schools are encouraged to have CPR/first aid certified staff



    • The policy will be reviewed and compared to model wellness policies every three years.
    • Individual school progress reports will be posted.



    • District Website will include wellness information and individual schools are encouraged to include details on their school web pages.
    • The student handbook contains information about wellness.