• COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Design focuses on the creation ad production of works based on the elements and principles of design. The course encompasses the study of the Elements of Art (line, shape, form, value, color, texture, and space) and the Principles of Design (balance, emphasis, movement, contrast, repetition, harmony, rhythm, variety and unity) and is guided by the four foundational components of art: Creating, Responding, Connecting, and Presenting

    COURSE OBJECTIVES: Students will:

    ◊ Develop techniques in a variety of media:  pencil, pen, markers, colored pencil, crayon, pastels, oil pastels, collage, clay, linocut & other printmaking material, tempera, watercolor, and watercolor pencils including the proper use, care & storage of materials, tools, and equipment. (Media list is subject to change at the teacher's discretion).

    ◊ Develop  an awareness of artistic styles, including master artists and their most significant works focusing on Abstraction, Cubism and Optical Art.

    ◊ Describe, analyze and make judgments about works of art:  using art specific vocabulary students will discuss the role of art as a humanity, and apply their knowledge to make informed judgments about the aesthetic value of works of art.

    MATERIALS NEEDED:  Students will be provided a variety of art materials with which to work.  In addition to these, students are asked to come to class each day with 2HB pencils (wooden pencils are preferred) and a functional eraser.  When we begin painting, students may be asked to bring in a plastic container (such as a 1 pint cottage cheese or yogurt container). 

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