• 6th Grade General Music

    Sixth grade general music looks/ feels very different from an elementary setting. For one, we do not have musical performances. If we do any singing in class (it is very rare) it is done in a safe and fun environment. Personally, I love to sing (that's why I teach choir as well). If students miss the singing part of music, I'd welcome them into my choir program! For most students who enter music class, it is an elective they needed to fill. I take it upon myself to try to ignite the passion of music in all genres. We will focus on reviewing some music theory, how to read music, reading rhythms, playing rhythms, creating & understanding the fundamentals of music. Buckle up and welcome BACH.


    Purpose: To build on the elementary foundation, create compositions, explore music history and performance. 

    Students will use Spiral Notebooks, Pencil 

    Student Evaluations: Project, Participation Based.


    Grade for general music is on a Pass/ Fail Basis


    Any assignments can be retaken for credit, please talk to Mrs. Hull Directly for further info.


    Class Assignments (may) include: (Due to online learning, some restructuring of lessons may occur)

    Transcribing Assignment - Transcribing The Not So Boring Minuet 

    Bach Art - Creating art with "Bach Facts"

    Journal Questions -  a question will be posted on the board each day. 

    Two BiG Projects - Making an instrument & Researching a composer 


    Concerts: General Music students do not participate in formal after school concerts. 


    Most of the assignments are completed in class.

     Hullmarks: A reward system that Mrs. Hull uses to reward students effort in class. Hullmarks can be spent for different reward "things" in class. 


    If you have any concerns or questions, please ask!

    Mrs. Jessica Hull