• Welcome to the Choir "Specific" Page! 

    I am so excited to get to SING with you all! As you know the start of the school year is going to be a little different. We will get through this together... right! At this point in the school year (August 2020) I have not scheduled any formal concert performances. Most of our choir performances have an audience of 500 or more. As much as I love performing / watching our hard work pay off, we must follow the CDC guidelines. 

    Until then, we will sing together - dig deeper into how music is structured. How our voice works & how to use it correctly in singing. Students will determine & track their vocal range and watch it change as the school year goes on. 

    When we are in Yellow & Red I will offer some online (Through Microsoft Teams) invitations. 

    I can't wait to get started. 

    Weekly assignments will be posted on Microsoft Teams.


    Graded Assignments will be available in Power School.


    While in "remote" students will be asked to log into Teams, view the daily assignment & complete it using an app called SeeSaw. (All students were given in-person instruction to complete this task).

    Here is a more "Formal" look at Choir at SMS



    Choir Classroom Focus:

    Music fundamentals, note structure, styles of singing, music theory, ear training, harmony, melody. Each class will consist of vocal warm-ups, singing, working on music theory and preparing for upcoming events. 

    Choir students will gain an understanding of how to read and sing music using solfege hand signs.

    This process is called "Sight Reading". Students will have bi-weekly sight reading tests that will gage their ability to read music.



    70% Assessments

    20% Concert Reflection, Sight Reading

    10% Rehearsal Prep, Participation


    Concert Guidelines (No concerts scheduled as of 8-27-20 Due to CDC & WA Guidelines)


    Class Materials:

    Pencil, Lined Paper, Highlighter, 1" 3 ring binder

     Computer & access to Youtube links, SeeSaw (app), Microsoft Teams