• Choir Classroom Focus:

    Music fundamentals, note structure, stules of singing, music theory, ear training, harmony, melody. Each class will consist of vocal warm-ups, singing, working on usic theory and preparing for upcoming events. 

    Choir students will gain an understanding of how to read and sing music using solfege handsigns.

    This process is called "Sight Reading". Students will have bi-weekly sight reading tests that will gage their ability to read music. 

    Students will have an oportunity to perform in front of an audience and attend field trips. 



    70% Assessments, Concert Attendance

    20% Concert Reflection, Sight Reading

    10% Rehearsal Prep, Participation


    Concert Guidelines

    Students are expected to attend all concerts for the success of the program. Absences maybe pre-excused if comunicated prior to the event date. Please contact Mrs. Hull if you have any questions.


    Class Materials:

    Pencil, Lined Paper, Highliter, 1" 3 ring binder