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    Here you will find links to the work from Semester 2 that you are welcome to complete if you didn't, or to resubmit if you would like to earn a higher grade.  If a link is not listed, but you would like to complete a particular assignment, please email me and I will do my best to get you the work!  


    Suffixes and Sentence Types Quiz (2.24.20):

    Sentence Types Quiz


    Language Lessons:

    Language Lesson Suffixes 3


    Do you need something new to read?  There are many books available for you to check out through this cool app called Sora.  You can check out audio books as well as digital copies.  See below for directions that will help you get started.  

    Sora Instructions










    Please find links to and information about recent assignments for English 7. 

    These assignments are arranged from most current to least current. 


    We are listening to much of The Outsiders on audio in class.  Do you want to listen to it again?  Or maybe listen to the chapters that we don't read in class?  This is a playlist for a audio version of the book, chapter by chapter, on YouTube: 

    The Outsiders on audio, chapter by chapter


    Vocabulary Lesson #5--Due Thursday, October 31st

    Language Lesson #5


    Vocabulary Lesson #2--Due Monday, September 16th 

    Vocab Lesson #2


    Vocabulary Lesson #1--Due Friday September 6th 

    Vocabulary Lesson #1


    Focused Note Taking Practice

    Essential Question: Why do we need to sleep?  (Link to TedEd video) 

    What Would Happen If You Didn't Sleep?


























    Run-On Sentences Quiz: 

    You may retake the quiz using this link: 




    Food Truck Festival Book Project

    Due May 28th

    Example of One-Page Paper and of the MenuTrifold

    These are explanation slides for the project: 

    First Slide Food Truck

    Second Slide Food Truck

    These are photos of the exemplar: 


    Side 1

    Side 2




    Research Paper Rubric--this is the rubric I will use to evaluate your research paper: 

    Rubric-Informative Writing


    Language Lesson (Suffixes #5) Assigned 3.04 and due 3.08:

    LL: Suffixes #5


    Research Project PowerPoint Guidelines

    This is a word document that outlines what will go on each slide of your PowerPoint:

    PowerPoint Slide Guidelines 


    Language Lesson (Suffixes #4)-assigned 2.25 (Monday) and due 3.01 (Friday):

    LL: Suffixes #4


    Language Lesson (Suffixes #3)-assigned 2.11 (Monday) and due 2.15 (Friday):

    LL: Suffixes #3


    Book Project Check-in #1 (due Friday 2.08):

    Microsoft Form--Book Project Check-in #1


    Language Lesson (Suffixes #2)-assigned 2.04 (Monday) and due 2.08 (Friday):

    LL: Suffixes #2


    Quarter 3 Research Paper: 

    The first step of this assignment is to submit this form letting me know who you will be researching: 

    Microsoft Form--Research Paper Topic


    Language Lesson (Suffixes #1)-assigned 1.28 (Monday), due 2.01 (Friday): 

    LL: Suffixes #1










    Book Project Quarter 2 Rubric (project due 1.14.19): 

    Rubric-Book Project

    Language Lesson-Prefixes #5 (assigned 1.08, due 1.15): 

    Prefixes #5

    Mini Research Unit--"You-topia" (gallery walk is tentatively on 1.17.19): 


    Language Lesson-Prefixes #4 (assigned 12.11, due 12.14):

    Prefixes #4

    Language Lesson (assigned 12.04, due 12.07): 

    Prefixes #3

    Research Project Guidelines (will be updated as we finish each step): 

    On Tuesday the 27th, you should have submitted the name of the utopia you would like to research into the form (see link below).

    Once you have done that, you should begin to compile your research onto note cards.   

    Ultimately, you will consider all of the evidence you have gathered and decide--is the utopia you've chosen a GOOD place to live or a TERRIBLE place to live? 

    Your goal over the next few days is to find your information.

    1. You will need to find at least 20 pieces of information.  That is the bare minimum. Each piece of information should go on a notecard.  

                 --Do not plagarize...either paraphrase the information (put it into your own words) or directly quote it! 

                 --It is not required, but it will make your later work easier if you classify your notecards into "pros" and "cons" or "positives" and "negatives."

    2. You will need to make your notecards using at least 3 good sources.  Again, this is the very minimum.  Wikipedia is a GREAT starting point--it is excellent at directing you to other websites, but you may not use it as one of your three.  

                  --Tripadvisor note...this is not a very unbiased source; it is mostly opinions of individuals and therefore not totally reliable but it may prove useful to have      some of these opinions when considering the merits of your utopia.  You may use a review as a source (you can't use three reviews as all three of your sources though...) 

    3.  I'm not able to open word right now, so I don't have access to the sample notecard we used in class on Tuesday.  For guidance on Wednesday you can search for MLA guidelines on citing sources (there is a link on my page as well-under "Web Resources") and/or ask a fellow classmate who may have already written some notecards.  On Thursday, we can go over correct citation guidelines again--don't worry.  

    4.  If, in your searching, you find another utopia you would like to research you may definitely do that!  You just want to make sure that you are able to find enough information.  I heard that there is a cruise ship utopia out there which might be worth looking into...


    ****Update: Three-Column Graphic Organizer useful for sorting your data into categories:  

    Graphic Organizer--Three Column


    Microsoft Forms--submit this form to let me know what utopia you would like to research--due 11.27 at the end of the day. 

    Utopia Form


    Language Lesson (assigned 11.26, due 11.30)

    Prefixes #2 (LL #8)


    Upcoming Utopia research project-including links to some websites used in class during week of 11.12R

    Utopia Research Introduction


    New language lesson (assigned 11.12, due 11.16)

    LL #7 (Prefixes #1)


    Quarter 2 Book Project (assigned 11.13. due 1.14.19)

    Book Project Ideas


    Language Lesson Notes--for reviewing 

    Review for Language Lessons 4-6


    The City of Ember Chapters 2 and 3 Reading Guide (done in pairs/triads) 

    Reading Guide