• What are ELA Labs?
    ELA labs are grade specific interventions to help students in building their
    reading and writing skills. Lessons are taught with a focus on filling in gaps
    in learning and providing extra help in the skills they are building in their English classes.

    Lab Classes –
    Helping Students Get Extra Support                                                                                                             In order to identify which students could benefit from extra academic
    support and figure out what we can best do for them, we use the Response
    To Intervention (RTI) process. The Lab classes are a Tier 2 step in this

    Assessment Overview

    This is a summarized list for any parent that is curious about how student
    progress is monitored and what each monitoring tool assesses. These are
    the scores you can view in the grade book. They are recorded as a
    PERCENTILE grade. The goal is to have students performing at the 50th
    percentile or better.

    Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM)
    Fluency and Writing

    There are two Curriculum Based Measurement tests. One tests reading
    fluency and one tests writing fluency.
    To assess reading fluency, students read a leveled passage out loud to the
    teacher for one minute. As they read, the teacher marks words that are not
    read correctly. After the minute is over the student’s total number of
    correctly read words is added up to calculate their score. Students read
    three different one-minute passages and the median score is recorded.
    To assess writing, students are given a sentence as a story starter (prompt).
    They get one minute to brainstorm a story that fits the prompt and five
    minutes to write as much of their story as they can. The number of words
    written, words spelled correctly, correct punctuation, and correct writing
    sequence are then taken into account when grading this assessment.

    MAZE – Comprehension

    The MAZE progress monitoring is the timed reading of a story. Students
    have three minutes to read a story. As they are reading they will come
    across parentheses that have three-word choices. Students need to circle
    the correct word to ensure the story makes sense. This test helps to assess
    their comprehension skills.


    STAR Testing- Comprehension and reading and writing skills

     This test will be administered monthly and assesses a variety of reading, writing, vocabulary, and language skills.