Dr. Andrew Peck

Phone: (208) 855-4475 ex. 1113


Degrees and Certifications:

BYU-Idaho - Bachelor of Musical Arts in Voice Performance (2007) University of Houston - Master of Musical Arts in Voice Performance (2009) Arizona State University - Doctorate of Musical Arts in Voice Performance (2018)

Dr. Andrew Peck


I am so pleased to be the music teacher at McMillan Elementary! I find the environment here to be one of collaboration and encouragement! I am pleased to be a part of a school that sets high expectations of excellence and that works to build a community of learning.

This is my first year teaching music (and I love it)! Before I began teaching at McMillan, I was working as a professional opera singer around the country. I decided to move to teaching shortly after I traveled to Europe to audition for agents and opera companies there. It was an incredible experience to see some of the best singers in the most beautiful opera houses! But, while there I also realized that it wasn't the career path I thought it was. 

When I returned to Idaho, I worked at McMillan as a substitute teacher and immediately found a field where I could work to develop young minds (and have a lot of fun along the way). The future seems so bright when I consider the impact these young people will have in it!

I have just finished a doctorate degree at Arizona State University in voice performance. I believe that my education and performance background will help me have a more firm knowledge of what music can do to help discipline and shape these young minds. Having worked with some of the best performers in the world, I know the kind of hard work and dedication it takes to be at the top, and I believe that as I develop myself as a teacher, I can help instill the desire for self-mastery, and a pursuit of excellence, in the students.

I love teaching music! In my classroom, I hope to offer class sessions that share a balance of fun and games (because music should be enjoyable), while at the same time helping the students learn the fundamentals of music. I hope that one day, they will be able to listen to a song on the radio, and understand more clearly what is happening in the music. I also intend to work to broaden the students' horizons and introduce them to new methods and styles of musical expression that they never would have been introduced to otherwise. I understand that for many of these students, this will be the only experience of musical education that they have in the rest of their lives, and I hope that they remember these days with fondness, and recognize ways that a musical educaiton has helped shape their world view (which I know it can). Most of all, I hope to use the opportunities in our classroom to teach students confidence - that it's okay to fail when trying something new, and that giving your best effort, constantly persisting at exellence, with a never-ending curiosity are the dynamics that make excellent people. 

I also hope to teach the students that music is a profound means of self-expression. I hope that they can become so familiar with speaking the language of music, that they can fluently share their innermost feelings. And conversely, that they can listen to another's music, and get to know who that person is through the powerful medium of music. Music is life - that's why our hearts have beats!