• Bait and Switch Welcome to my Advanced Math Seminar Site!

    All you will find here is my syllabus, the course description, and a link to the course page I maintain in Microsoft Teams. You must have a student username and password in order to access this information. If you are a parent of a student enrolled in my class, obviously you can use your child's login information to access the course materials, but I can also generate a parent code for you to join the class. Just let me know!

    Advanced Math Seminar Syllabus

    Course Description: This course is designed to provide additional support only for students concurrently enrolled in AP Calculus AB | MATH 171. Troublesome topics from algebra, trigonometry, and other areas of mathematics will be reviewed and explored at the right time to provide students with the skillsets and confidence to be able to focus their learning ultimately on the calculus they are learning. Additionally, students will generate resources for all students to utilize, including, but not limited to, calculator programs for use on the AP Calculus exam and dynamic sketches in Geogebra and Desmos.

    Click here for the Microsoft TEAMS site for 4B.