• Study Center Syllabus

    Eagle High School 2018-19

    Amber Simonich:  Resource Room Teacher

    (208) 350-4235 ext. 1526  simonich.amber@westada.org


    Study Center will be comprised of a combination of the activities listed below.  Students will receive direct instruction in their area of need:  reading, writing, and/or math for 30 minutes a week.  Students will participate in data collection/AIMS probes monthly to measure growth on their IEP goals.  Students will engage in high school transition activities to help develop their post-secondary goals and prepare them for life after graduation.


    As part of this class, students will also work on postsecondary goals for life after high school.  Preparing for the transition to ‘real life’ is an ongoing process for students that continues all the way through high school.  The activities we complete this year will include informal (and sometimes formal) assessments to help students identify and work toward their postsecondary goals.  Information and results gathered through this process will be given to students, which they are encouraged to share with parents and guardians.  This information will also be summarized in their annual IEP and discussed during their meeting once they are 15 years old. 


    Direct instruction in the student’s areas of need according to their IEP:


    Written Language:

    • Students will participate in journal writing.
    • Students will take AIMS writing probes to measure their progress on goals.



    • Students will read passages and short novels to work on comprehension skills
    • Students will take AIMS reading probes to measure their progress on goals.



    • Students will practice their basic math facts as well as working on basic algebra equations and problem-solving skills.
    • Students will take AIMS math probes in math calculation and/or math concepts to measure their progress on goals.


    Post-Secondary Transition Activities:

    • Students will take career inventory assessments.
    • Students will have opportunities to listen to guest speakers share information about colleges and job opportunities after high school. Students will participate in post-secondary transition activities that will hep them with lifelong choices after high school. 
    • Students will participate in postsecondary transition activities that will help them with lifelong choices after high school.


    Time remaining in study center will be used to:

    • Review current grades, work on current assignments/projects, and review for tests from general education classes.
    • Students will receive a pass/fail for a grade in study center. This grade will be based on their participation in study center activities.